Viral Video: Bully Gets Knocked Out By Smaller Kid, Bullying Gone Wrong

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It seems as if more children are taking the task on handling bullying into their own hands as this video shows a larger bully getting knocked out by the much smaller victim.

(Video Below)

Well it wasn't Mayweather V.S. Pacquioa, more like David and Goliath, however, that didn't seem to stop one student from standing up to his bully in a video posted to WorldStarHipHop. The video starts out with the larger of the two towering over the smaller student who seems as if he is being provoked.

The smaller of the two then shifts a little weight off by taking his outer pair of shorts down with basketball shorts underneath.

Then, as if the Flash jumped into the body of the smaller kid, a lightning fast punch to the jaw comes rising up.

The bully is knocked off balance and appears to have hit his head on on of the benches after being tackled to the ground. The smaller kid then lands one more punch and from the video you can hear him frustrated saying that he, "f***ing told you." The larger bully is on the floor in disbelief and what looks like pain.

These scenarios are becoming more or a norm as kids are becoming fed up with being bullied. There is a breaking point and this kid clearly reached his own.

Watch the shocking video below