Viral Video: Adorable Video Of A Little Girl And Her Big Dog Showing Love

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In a video posted to YouTube last December a little girl shows just how much she loves her big dog. There is an overdose of adorable here so make sure you're fully prepared to witness it.

(Video Below)

In a video posted to the welovenewfies YouTube Channel a little girl named Sierra, according to the caption, shows how much she loves her dog Sebastian.

Sierra approaches her pet without any fear and Sebastian himself looks like a gentle giant. Sierra simply wanted to give Sebastian a big hug which he returns with with a gentle kiss.

"He loves me," says little Sierra, followed by "That's good because I love him."

Sometimes families may be nervous to leave their small children are larger animals but Sebastian looks to be a well trained dog who has nothing but love for his little owner.

"Sierra loves her huge puppy and he feels the same, can you tell? Here is the big hug for the day!" read the caption of the photo.

The welovenewfies channel is full of lots more adorable moments between Sierra and Sebastian but this was so adorable that it had to be shared.

Watch Little Sierra and her Big Dog