Viral Video: '40 Pound Dog Takes Down 120 Pound Dane/Mastiff,' If Dogs Played Football

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This video is both heartwarming and shocking as a 40 pound Aussie takes down a 120 pound Dane/Mastiff while playing outside.

(Video Below)

"Who says little dogs can't play with big dogs?" read the caption of the video posted to Chelsea Agley's YouTube channel. Well that couldn't be anymore fitting for this video.

The Dane/Mastiff named Baloo and the Aussie named Autumn were enjoying some playtime in the backyard.

If you know anything about the way dogs play it looks a little rough and almost as if they're fighting but that wasn't the case here.

The playing went on until Autumn makes an impressive tackle over Baloo who remains down as the two continue to play. It was very impressive as you can tell from the reaction of the owners as they watched on.

They sounded surprised that a little dog could take out a big dog in such a manner. It's safe to say that if there was another level of the Puppy Bowl, Autumn would make the team without a question.

Check out the take down below.