Viral 'Fox News Anchor April Simpson Meets The Hamburglar Video' : She's Still Not Happy

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Last week the Fox 2 St.

Louis station started a viral sensation when anchor April Simpson was called the Hamburglar for her outfit choice. This week, Simpson was the blunt of another joke as her crew had her meet with the real Hamburglar.

(Video Below)

This week Simpson's colleagues played another joke on her by bringing on the real Hamburglar to meet her. She clearly knows that the joke has become a phenomenon but still kept a straight face. She jokingly publicly unfriended some of her colleagues as they discussed the many places that covered the video.

Sites like the Huffington Post and even Playboy covered the hilarious stunt.

They even brought in burgers this week to add to the hilarious prank that was all in fun.

Simpson did admit that she and Ezell are really good friends and at the end of the day her colleagues all got free hamburgers all in good fun.

Last week Simpson wasn't having any of the funny remarks made by her former colleague Tim Ezell, about her black and white striped turtleneck that resembles that of the McDonald villain, the Hamburglar. Simpson did not take well to the joke, giggling at first, but then got serious really quick.

The video posted to the Fox News 2 St. Louis YouTube Channel, became such a big viral hit that even comedian Kevin Hart posted the video to his Facebook page, further propelling it into viral fame.

Watch April Simpson Meets The Hamburglar Below

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