Viral: This 'Fake Oscar Winner Prank Video' Gives Celebrity Status A New Meaning

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It's been two weeks since the Oscars but a video has surfaced showing one man who pretended to win an Oscar and defined the phrase celebrity status in all of his falsified glory.

(Video Below)

From free food, condoms, movie tickets and selfies, Mark David Christenson of the New Media Rockstars YouTube channel experienced all of the glories of being rich and famous without really being rich or famous. The video starts out with a lot of prep to add false validity to the ensure that the prank has a backup if something is to go wrong.

As the madness commences, Christenson walks the streets with his Oscar in full display and is immediately noticed by a few people who ask to have their photo taken with him.

One clueless woman asks, "can I have a photo with you and your Grammy?"

The scheme continues by Christenson enjoying some free meals and even walking past police in a restricted area. He was completely milking the entire session and was lucky enough to get into an exclusive party just by flashing his Oscar, which led to him landing a phone number.

Christenson literally plays everyone around him and gets them to join in with whatever he said. The most impressive part of the grand scheme is he even got some people to lie on his behalf.

"Wow, this had been an amazing night," says Christenson at the end of the video. "I did have to give that car back, but it still amounted to an amazing night.

I'm going to be honest, when we started this I felt a little bad. But, as the nigth went on and everyone was treating me so nice I had one of my best nights tonight."

In a very risky prank, the real winner is Christenson.

It's going to be pretty interesting to see if there are any celebrities who have a rebuttal against the abuse of social status. In the meantime laugh it off with the video below.

Watch the Fake Oscar Winner Prank Below