Viral Cat And Bird Fight, Bird Caught Mid-Flight: Real Life Sylvester & Tweety

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No this isn't just another cartoon video of Sylvester and Tweety engaging in a fight, the good people at Reddit have found another intense video of a bird who seemed to have a death wish when picking a fight with a cat.

(Video Below)

It's not often you see a bird picking a fight with a cat but one man managed to catch it all on tape. The video was posted to YouTube on the FunnyStuffEver YouTube channel and then posted to Reddit where it began getting some attention.

The video was originally posted in 2011 but made a big comeback on Reddit's video page today.

The bird looks to be the aggressor in the situation and begins a few aerial attacks on the cat. Chances are the bird could have been protecting some newborns or eggs as there was a nearby bush. Either way the attack went on for almost a minute until the cat had finally had enough.

Using the impressive cat reflexes, the furry animal catches its feathered foe in mid-air. Ding ding ding, we have a winner. Check out the intense showdown below with some commentary as well.

Watch the bird and cat face off below.