Vin Diesel Dishes About His Kiss With Charlize Theron On The Ellen Show

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Last week Charlize Theron made her way to The Ellen Show and chatted about a certain forced kiss, which she claims her co-star stated was the best kiss he ever had.

Now, Vin Diesel gets his turn to share his side of the story during his recent visit.

DeGeneres congratulated Diesel on having the Fast 8 film cross $1 billion. DeGeneres also said it was the biggest opening of all time.

Diesel jokingly asked to borrow a fans watch to make sure he didn't miss the minute that the film crossed over. He also admitted that he wasn't a fan of sequels and didn't believe the film should have one.

Diesel said back in the 80s or 90s, when movies were "sequelized," they lost that classic feel.

He thanked the fans for being the reason that the films are so successful and so plentiful at this point. Diesel said at the core of it all, it's the love that made it so successful.

Then out of nowhere, DeGeneres springs Theron's words about their kiss on to him. He jumped up and became animated when he heard the phrase "dead fish." DeGeneres was giving him all of the time to defend himself.

Diesel said first of all, you don't come on DeGeneres' show with Finding Dory and compare him to a dead fish.

Diesel is actually promoting the second Guardians of the Galaxy film and chatted about the fact that it's the first movie his kids can see.

You can watch The Ellen Show interview below and catch Diesel in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in theaters May 5.

Vin Diesel Dishes About His Kiss With Charlize Theron On The Ellen Show

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