Video of 'What Happens To Your Notifications With 8 Million Instagram Followers' is Insane

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In the age of social media having the most followers is somewhat of a goal for some people.

After seeing the video of what happens to your notifications when you have 8 million Instagram followers, we can safely say that we would rather have no followers.

The video below was posted to the oramis mo YouTube Channel and according to the caption the phone belongs to Demy de Zeeuw, who runs soccer-focused Instagram account @433. The account does in fact have 8 million followers and features a wide array of soccer videos.

Soccer being a worldwide sport is pretty susceptible to having a huge audience on social media.

The video is 37 seconds of downright insanity. The cellphone that was being recorded goes insane with notifications of likes and comments from the various videos on the page. It almost seems that the notifications would render the phone useless to any type of activity.

The streams of notifications look something similar to the transfer of information in one of the Matrix films.

Next time you feel bad about the number of followers you have, just remember, at least you'll be able to use your phone without it going insane with notifications.

Check out the video "This is what 8 million Instagram followers does to your notifications" below.