Video: 'Tiger Cubs Fight Over A GoPro' Everyone Wants A GoPro

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It seems like nowadays everyone wants a GoPro camera to film, well, anything.

In a video posted to viral giant Reddit, two tiger cubs stumble upon a GoPro and they seem very intrigued, so intrigued, that they end up in a little scuffle.

(Video Below)

Tiger cubs are pretty adorable and full of energy.

When one cub stumbled upon the GoPro attached to a mounting pole, it begins chewing on the pole.

The cub then takes the GoPro on a little walk before meeting up with another tiger cub who seems a bit curious as to what it was it's friend was chewing on.

When curiosity strikes some more, the cubs began a playful battle with the newcomer being able to wrestle the GoPro away. Meanwhile, the GoPro gives viewers a close-up into the intense eyes and the beautiful fur of the animal.

The video was originally posted to Tim Ruivo's YouTube channel.

Watch The Tiger Cubs Fight Over A GoPro