Video: A Review of 'Authentic Crown of Thorns'

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Curious about a product and want to make sure what you're buying to top notch. Well, there's probably a Youtube video for that. But I bet you weren't looking to buy a crown of thorns.

Youtube has loads of videos where people test out different products and then review them online. From media to cosmetics, there's a video reviewing just about anything.

The video presents Jesus Christ as he reviews and tests out an authentic crown of thorns.

The video starts where any good review of an item purchased online should, with the packaging. There's even a certificate in of authenticity inside the box.

The and some newspaper to keep everything safe.

Then comes the review of using the product, where the crown is tried on in many different fashions until he finds one he likes. It's a nice comedic twist on those sorts of videos.

Jesus Christ reviews Authentic Crown of Thorns from the Holy Land