Video: Man Travels Across Nepal on a Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycle, 1,000 Miles in 2 Weeks

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What is one of the most desirable things for a human being? Wealth, fame, peace, serenity? Well travel should fall somewhere in that list especially if it's done the way Alex Chacon does it.

(Video Below)

The video was recently posted to Chacon's YouTube channel with a title reading, "Insane Travel Adventure- Riding Across Nepal on a Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycle," but insane doesn't even begin to describe his trip. In just four minutes and 19 seconds, Chacon manages to capture the beauty of one country and doing so in a way that many might think is a bit dangerous.

Chacon weaves through heavy traffic with large busses while trying not to hit them or get hit.

"Riding Nepal in 1000+ miles in 2 weeks on a street bike through the off-road paradise of this gorgeous country, who else but Alex Chacon?!" reads the caption of the video.

The series of videos posted to the YouTube page is called the "Modern Motorcycle Diaries," where Chacon travels through countries like Sicily, Argentina and Morrocco on various motorcycles he rents.

Thanks to Google maps, Chacon "inadvertently takes a street 200cc Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle through the muddiest, most remote parts of Nepal as he meets the locals, gets lost, and deals with the difficult nature of motorcycle travel and its frustrations while adventuring abroad," according to the caption of the video.

His journey led him from Katmandu, to Pokhara and even towards Mt. Everest.

The caption also states that Chacon does charity work while traveling and even encourages others to donate and contribute in your own community or worldwide. Check out the awesome video below.

Watch Alex Chacon Ride A Motorcycle Through Nepal

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