Video: Little Girl Cries After Hearing DeAngelo Williams Was Released From The Panthers

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With the controversy surrounding DeAngelo Williams' release from the Carolina Panthers, a father breaks the news to his little kids and they do not take it very well at all.

(Video Below)

The video was uploaded on Monday to the tripd4st YouTube Channel and simply features two kids having a meal, only to be interrupted by some troubling news. At first when their father told them he had some bad news, they feared that it might be that their iPad had died.

He assures them that the iPad is working fine, but follows that up with, "DeAngelo Williams isn't on the Panthers anymore." Immediately following his words, the little girl begins to cry and the little boy is shocked and begins to pout.

"Williams told Charlotte's WBTV, in an exclusive interview that aired Monday night announcing he would be released," according to ESPN, "that defensive end Greg Hardy was the only member of the organization to attend his mother's funeral in Arkansas."

The report also states that the Panthers will have to wait until the new league year commences on March 10 to complete the process. Williams is the all-time leading rusher for the Carolina Panthers and the released may have a lot of fans feeling the same way that these little Panther fans felt when they first got the news.

Check out the video below.

Watch Their Reaction Below