Video: Lars Andersen Insane Archery Skills, Take Notes Oliver Queen

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In a video posted to YouTube posted to the larsandersen23 Channel, Lars Andersen displays some of the most awesome archery skills that you will ever see.

(Video Below)

Shooting while running, jumping to catch a an arrow and shooting it just seconds after grabbing it and speed shooting are three of the many incredible feats that are completed in this video.

It's incredible how accurate the shooting is and at the speed that it's done.

"I think there has always been an evolution in archery," writes Andersen in the caption of the video. "Archers from even the earliest times have gone from using quivers, to arrows in the bow hand, and ultimately, to hold arrows in the draw hand. Going from the quiver to holding the arrows in the bow hand is not difficult, it can be learnt.

You get the arrow in front of you, so you do not have to focus away from an enemy.

It is far better in motion, so there are many advantages over a quiver. There are today archers which are really good with this method."

The shooting is so impressive that it is sure to leave fans of The CW's "Arrow" asking, can Oliver Queen do what this guy is doing?

Check out the insane archery skills below.