Video: Hilarious Haircut Accident Turns Three-Year-Old Into Walter White

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When kids are younger parents are able to do certain tasks without a problem.

However, when a three-year-old gets a not so perfect haircut, his parents are forced to transform him into one of the leading men of "Breaking Bad," Walter White.

(Video Below)

If you're a "Breaking Bad" fanatic then you already know the famous "Say My Name" scene that has been a subject of countless memes and remakes.

Now it's been redone by a three-year-old who has completely embraced the role of the famous character thanks to a haircut accident.

"I accidentally shaved a bald spot on his head, so had to shave the whole thing....thought i would make the best of it lol," read the caption of the vide simply titled, "3 year old walter white...," posted to the Mary Monroe YouTube Channel.

The video is in no way identical to the famous "Breaking Bad" scene but the youngster does look right into the camera and urge viewers to "say his name." Brian Cranston would be proud though this little guy is probably what Walter White was before he was a badass drug dealing chemist.

Check out the awesome video below.

Watch the "3-year-old" Walter White below.

Original "Walter White Say My Name" Clip