Video: Hilarious Aunt Boo Wishes She Could Kill The 'Frozen' Characters

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Well on the East Coast the snow doesn't seem to want to let up, and neither does the effect that the Disney animated film "Frozen" has had especially the song "Let It Go." One woman by the name of Aunt Boo doesn't hold back her feelings on the characters and the song.

(Video Below)

The video starts out with a little girl singing "Let It Go" in the background as Aunt Boo keeps the camera focused on herself.

According to the video it was day three of no school and all day the little girl just keeps singing "Let It Go."

"All day Frozen, Elsa, what's the snowman's name? Olaf, what's the sister's name that froze ever body up in the beginning, Anna," said Boo in her video.

"If I ever could choke some cartoon characters it'd be them. Kristoff, all of them I'd kill em if I could."

It's safe to say that the animated film "Frozen" took the world by storm and it looks like it is wearing tired on some parents who have had enough of the snow and the song "Let It Go." This video is being published on a few websites after first surfacing on YouTube yesterday.

Sites like WorldStarHipHop have already published the hilarious video that clearly shows a woman who has had just enough of "Frozen's" characters and the song "Let It Got." Check out the video below.

Watch Aunt Boo Threaten The Characters

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