Forget Kittens and Ducks, 'Hippos Help Duckling Escape From Pond In Zoo'

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This dear little duckling is just to small to get out of the pond at this Zoo.

The duckling's family is already out of the pond and halfway across the enclosure. Not to worry, the hippos help the duckling escape from the pond in the zoo.

Taken by SHISHDEM, an a trip to the zoo, where a duckling is spotted unable to get to the others. The duckling keeps hoping up and down at the side of the pond, squeaking for help.

The other ducks aren't moving further away but they aren't going to help the struggling baby. It might be because they are intimidated by the hippos.

At first only one hippo emerges from the water to try and help the duckling. The duckling doesn't seem to recognize its help and continues to jump around squeaking and such. The hippo eventually gives up and sinks back down into the water. The other ducks have still not moved.

Then the hippo returns, with a buddy this time. The duckling is still too preoccupied to even seem to notice that the hippos are there.

So it's completely on an off chance that the duckling jumps onto one of the hippos snouts and then is finally able to make it over the side.

To which the duckling quickly rushes over to the rest of the ducks.

Hippos help duckling escape from pond in zoo