Video: Edmunds Celebrates 'Furious 7' With '10 Greatest Paul Walker Cars In The Fast And The Furious Franchise'

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With multiple TV Spots and press junkets the "Furious 7" cast are really getting fans pumped up for next week's huge release. To honor Paul Walker, Edmunds created a video of Paul Walker's 10 greatest cars in the film franchise.

(Video Below)

As car enthusiasts can expect, there are a bunch of Nissan Skylines and the newer models, the GT-R. It's well noted that Walker was a car enthusiast in all senses of the word and had a deep appreciation for the Japanese monster that is the Nissan Skyline and GT-R. Walkers entire cast shared their memories of him before his tragic death during a Today Show Extended Interview. He was a beloved member of the Fast and Furious family and one of the films original members at that.

The Fast and the Furious franchise remains one of the biggest and longest to date and every film grows with each new installment. There is without a doubt a higher sense of fulfillment with this film because of Walkers death, however, the cast urges fans not to go into the film with a heavy heart.

The video below is one of the ways Edmunds is celebrating the release of the film as well as Walkers life and his love for the automotive world. "Furious 7" hits theaters April 3.

Watch the countdown of the "10 Greatest Paul Walker Cars in The Fast and The Furious"

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