Video: 'Drunk Heckler Gets Knocked Out Twice,' Why You Should Keep It Moving

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There are times when you have a little too much to drink and act like more of a tough guy than you really are.

One man learned that you shouldn't run your mouth or it could get you trouble when he gets a double K.O.

(Video Below)

The video was posted to WorldStarHipHop, where many knockouts have gone viral in the past. This might serve as more of PSA for many who tend to get a little too drunk.

Things get a little out of control when an alleged drunk heckler began starting trouble with someone on the Vegas strip.

The first time he makes his way down the stairs to confront the man he gets a knock down blow that sends him off balance.

As if the first blow wasn't good enough, the man gets up and walks right back up the stairs to continue to get into the face of his attacker. The attacker shows great restraint the second time, that is, until the man crosses his personal space and yells right into his face.

Another right is thrown this time put the heckler out cold. Is heckler a form of bullying? Does this give the man's attacker the right to pop him square in the kisser? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch the "Drunk Heckler Gets Knocked Out Twice" video below.