Video: 'Daughter Destroys Her Father In This Beatboxing Competition' and All Competition

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Father and daughter battle to prove who's got more skills in the art of beatboxing.

The father doesn't believe that people voted that his daughter had beat him in the last round so the part two to "Daughter Destroys Her Father In This Beatboxing Competition."

(Video Below)

Beatboxing is such a skill. Who didn't pretend they were beatboxing champs as a kid or learn the 'boots and cats' line as beatboxing.

Being able to make extraordinary nosies from your voice that's usual left to machines. In the video posted by Alesia Alin, father and daughter compete to see who's skills in beatboxing are the best.

The father starts the competition off with a freestyle boxing pattern that was catchy and cool. The his daughter went and even in just the first round you can see the difference in talent. The father messes up on his second try. The daughter comes back to drag him through the mud.

She has the ability to make all different sounds with her voice. She's even able to use singing to mix in with her beatboxing. She sounds like a dubstep come to life.

"Daughter Destroys Her Father In This Beatboxing Competition"