Video of Dad Interviewing His Toddler is Priceless

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The internet is full of awesome and creative personalities. A video of a dad interviewing his toddler has surfaced online and it's absolutely hilarious.

The video was originally uploaded to the La Guardia Cross YouTube Channel.

He posts a good deal of videos that pretty much deal with being a new father. The his over 29,000 followers could very well be attested to the comedic approaches he uses in videos such as "Interview With A Toddler."

The video has found it's way on Reddit and is now circulating the viral atmosphere of the internet. The interview covers information that parents probably wonder a lot of the times.

For example, if toddlers play, dance and clap, how is it they still have energy to stay up during later hours in the evening? La Guardia Cross also makes sure to let his toddler shine in the video to show how smart his kid is, after all, it's always awesome to see your kids succeeding, even if they're just a toddler.

You can check out the hilarious video below.

Check out the "Interview With A Toddler" video below.