Video: Angry Grandpa Reacts To The Walter Scott Shooting

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The Angry Grandpa has been featured numerous times on Empty Lighthouse and is shy when it comes to sharing his feelings on controversial topics, this time he weighs in on the Walter Scott shooting and it's epic.

(Video Below)

"It's been one week Michael, since Walter Scott was murdered at the hands of a North Charleston police officer.

North Charleston Michael! That's my backyard, that's 15 minutes away from where I live," said Charles Green, A.K.A. Angry Grandpa, in a very distraught manner on "The Angry Grandpa Show."

"He was shot five times in the back, and he'd have gotten away with it, he would have completely gotten away with it if that gentleman hadn't had his camera on his phone and he actually filmed what happened," Angry Grandpa continued.

The reaction was much like grandpa's reaction to Eric Garner's death and The Newtown tragedy. He was extremely passionate in the video and questioned what they're going to do to stop the police from killing people.

He also says that when you get stopped by a police officer from now on, you have to wonder if that day is going to be the day that you die.

Green says that body cams would make no use and though there are good police out there, there are cops who ruin it for their fellow officers.

Scott was fatally shot during an encounter with a Patrolman Michael Slager in a traffic stop that originated due to a blown taillight. Recent information released by The Guardian suggests that Slager laughed about the adrenaline rush during the shooting.

In normal Angry Grandpa fashion, the frustration is taken out by smashing up something in the house, in attempts to help him feel better and get all all of the anger out. Check out the reaction below.

Watch the reaction below.

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