Video: Amazing Trick Shots 'Guy Throwing Things Into Things'

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Every once in awhile you come across some of the most unbelievable trick shots and they are normally done with a tennis ball, basketball, football or soccer ball.

One man takes it to the next level and does a trick shot compilation with everyday items including a toothbrush.

(Video Below)

This might be one of the best trick shot videos to date well except for Trick Shot Titus of course.

The video titled, "The Thug Life Chose Me," was posted to the Hijosh YouTube Channel then onto the wonder that is Reddit. Thug life indeed because the way this guy seems to throw things into things is pretty bad ass.

Whether it was trash, a dvd into a player, scissors into a cup holder or a milk carton into the refrigerator, this guy really had the skills to get it done in fashion. There had to have been a ton of takes involved but every shot seems to unbelievable and easy.

Fans will probably get a kick out of the hotdog trick as well. Check out the awesome video below.

Watch the amazing trick shot video below.