Video: Hilarious Guide to Putting On & Using A 'Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier' For Dads

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Well it looks like fatherhood just got a little easier, well, maybe. In "How To be a Dad...

Before You're a Dad. Putting on a Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier," Drew Tydeman of Slothy Walrus displays some do's and don'ts, mostly don'ts to using the baby carriers.

(Video Below)

New dads take notes, only on the good parts, we aren't responsible for what happens if you make some of Drew's costly mistakes.

In the video posted to the Slothy Walrus YouTube page, one comedian tries his hand at fatherhood and popular baby carrier so that he could complete every "dad jobs." Drew is all about the new edition to the family which happens to be a doll with an apparently shrunken head and making sure it's safe.

After going through a ton of struggles with putting the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier, he finally get's it all set up with his kid situated properly. He says that the coolest thing about the Bjorn Baby Carrier is that it's like the Bluetooth of fatherhood.

You can go completely hands free and handle all of the fatherly business like grilling, golfing, mowing the lawn and well, drinking.

Now while not all dad's migth share his sentiments (we hope all don't), it does make for some great comic relief.

Watch the hilarious video below.