Vicious Knock-Out Kick By Female MMA Fighter: Hits The Deck

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A new video has surfaced of a clean knock out that would be heard on impact in a female MMA fight video posted to

(Watch The Video Below)

The fighter who delivered the blow did show signs that she was going to use her feet and legs as a deadly weapon in the ring which is completely legal in MMA fighting. As the bout begun both fighters showed respect towards each other by touching gloves neither of which probably didn't know that it would be ending soon after.

A few warning strikes were thrown by both but one fighter delivered a standing head-kick right to the side of the head of her opponent.

The impact was as loud as a firecracker or an extremely loud crack. The kick was a brutal headshot that left the opponent lifeless in her stance and eventually she hit the ground hard.

After the kick was delivered the entire crowd reacted to the almost deadly blow. MMA is quite a tough sport and the female skill set is just as even as the men. They are able to generate swift moves and carry out deadly submission holds.

This kick isn't the first and certainly will not be the last that viewers will see in the sport.

It is brutal and tough and requires and immense amount of skill which includes being able to time the attack right. In this case the timing couldn't be any better.

"Knock-out Video"