The Vampire Diaries 'Yellow Ledbetter' Recap, S6 EP2, Caroline Seeks Help From Someone Special

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The season premiere of "The Vampire Diaries" took fans through a roller-coaster ride, now tonight in "Yellow Ledbetter," the second all new episode of season six things get every crazier.

Last week the grief of losing Damon took a terrible toll on Elena and this week she looks to deal with her loss turning to her father figure Alaric for help.

As it looks like Stefan has given up on the search for Damon and Bonnie, Caroline hasn't and she turns to Enzo for help, but will Enzo come between Carolines feelings for Stefan?

The episode begins four months back to when Bonnie and Damon first crossed over to the other side. Nothing seemed to have changed and it looks like they only have each other to rely on.

They are in mystic falls but everything is a lot more normal than they left it due to these finding, they realize they aren't just on the other side.

Jeremy got a little hot and heavy with Elena's victim last week and Matt scolds him saying he shouldnt be anywhere near her.

Stefan walks into a kitchen where Ivy is preparing him breakfast and it looks like she is way more into him than he is she. Stefan agrees to making dinner so that the two might have a shot with one another. Elena packs up her belongings from her dorm room and grabs one of Damon's t-shirts causing herself to take a trip back into time.

Is this the beginning of the end for Elena.

Matt and Jeremy are now in on Elena being compelled to forget Damon. Caroline finds out the truth about Stefan not trying his hardest to to bring back Damon and Bonnie and she is livid.

So livid that it looks like she will be turning to Enzo who seems to be doing a lot more digging than Stefan is. Alaric explains the process of erasing Damon thoroughly and he admits that he is scared of doing it.

She tells Alaric that she doesn't want to stop loving Damon and that she trusts Alaric to be the one to help her forget.

In the process, Elena is forced to recount everything about Damon, from the first time they met to the last moment she was with him.

A wandering Bonnie and Damon continue to bicker which makes it humorous considering the fact that they never got along previously.

They find a clue which puts them in the year 1994 and now its not about where they are but what point in time they are.

Will this make it easier for them to cross back over into the present time period?

While Elena continues the process of being compelled Alaric becomes sad and weary of the love story. Bonnie and Damon trade shots while they try to figure out what in the world is going on, which by this time is probably puzzling all viewers. Bonnie tries to do magic but she still does not have her powers.

Caroline tries to convince Elena not to continue the process because she is trying to be a Bonnie when they no longer have one for the time being.

Caroline knows that her friend will be going through hardships and as soon as she gets off the phone with Elena, Enzo makes a smart remark as the two drive to a destination unknown to Caroline.

Stefan is in the kitchen whipping up one hell of a feast for Ivy and himself but as Ivy walks in so do Enzo and Ivy and Stefan looks like he just saw a ghost.

Now comes a very awkward dinner where all four new friends are playing a tantalizing game of 21 questions. Enzo drops the bomb that he had to do a witch locating spell to find Stefan and Ivy.

Damon seems to be having a grand ole time listening to "What A Man" and cooking breakfast for he and Bonnie. Bonnie tells him that everything that existed in 1994 still exists where they are and she also says she might be able to reteach herself magic. The two are not fond of each other at all and just when they try to accept the situation they jump into the same day all over again.

They are going to be forced to relive the same day. Matt and Jeremy are still at odds over Jeremy's behavior.

He is still keeping Sarah in the house but Matt learns that she might be a little thief from Tripp.

Alaric and Elena continue to dig deeper to find out the moment when she started loving him. Elena becomes frustrated and tells Alaric that she can't go through with it anymore.

Once again Damon and Bonnie are reliving the same day May 10, 1994 and they continue to bicker over the smallest things from crossword puzzles to pancakes.

At the awkward dinner, Caroline and Stefan are bickering across the table and there looks to be a lot of tension at the table.

Enzo suddenly stabs Stefan and Caroline compels Ivy away from the scene.

The stab turns into a fight which ends in Stefan breaking Enzo's neck, not to worry he will be awake soon, he's a vampire remember? Caroline receives a call from Alaric and fills him in on the interesting bit of information that she has come across since teaming up with Enzo.

Caroline and Stefan are finally getting a chance to talk alone and she asks him why he doesn't care. She says that Stefan was the only one who cared so much and now he is a completely different person.

He tells her that he has been searching for months and that he realized there is nothing he could do.

He said that he was so hurt he couldn't go back to being normal and had to move on.

She asks him if he never got her messages and she realizes he never listened to her messages and she does not take that lightly, she calls him a dick then storms out.

As Elena starts to go insane again, Alaric steps in and tells her she wasn't being honest with herself. He says that she needs to tell him about Damon but about Damon while she was with Stefan. Alaric tells her that it was ok to love two people in her life and now she admits that she loved them both.

She says that the moment she knew she loved Damon was on her birthday. She recounts Damon giving her the necklace even though it hurt him because it was a symbol of Elena and Stefan.

The act of selflessness is what made Elena love Damon and just when she realizes that, she asks Alaric to take it away and he does.

Elena finally relives the memory of Damon snapping her brothers neck and when Alaric asks her who Damon Salvatore is, she says he is Stefan's brother, he was a monster and then he died.

Caroline is crying her heart out in the car and then she receives a call from Elena, the new Elena.

Caroline realizes that Elena has been compelled and she tells Elena that she will spend the night hanging out with her later.

Enzo sees Caroline crying and he loses it and storms off to find Stefan but Caroline doesn't stop him. Stefan turns away from Ivy for a second and Enzo snaps her neck in front of him. Enzo seems to be turning into the new Damon and vows to bring Stefan pain every time he sees him giving up because she is being a horrible brother to Damon. Jeremy appears to have dealing with the loss of Bonnie by leaving her voicemails that she will never receive.

Sarah walks in on Matt and Jeremy and Jeremy takes Sarah away from the house while Matt relays the information to Tripp. He learns that Tripp was a friend of Thomas Vincent Fell III and that he was a founding family member.

Tripp seems to be more than that he is a VAMPIRE HUNTER. These episodes just keep getting better.

Damon and Bonnie sit down to dinner and she notices that behind all of his craziness, he really misses everyone and they try to find the answer to the crossword together.

The final clue happens to show that there is someone else with them because neither of them was responsible for finishing the crossword.

This episode is full of new romances and crazy twists in the entire plot.

Things have changed completely will they ever get back to normal? Fans can find out on next weeks all new episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Thursday at 8 p.m. on The CW.