The Vampire Diaries 'The World Has Turned And Left Me Here' Recap, S6 EP5, Caroline & Stefan Team Up

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Yet another party takes place in Mystic Falls bringing certain characters together in the season six of the "The Vampire Diaries," this week in "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here," the fifth episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Caroline and Stefan try to right Enzo's wrongs.

(Damon Returns Read On To See How)

Elena and Liam get a little closer as she tries to forget about Damon despite Alaric's attempt to get her to break the compulsion.

The dysfunctional team of Stefan and Caroline have to clean up Enzo's big mess and an accident rocks Mystic Falls, causing Alaric and Jo to embark on a clean-up duty of their own.

When he is finally put to the test, did Tyler lose control and give into his werewolf curse on tonights episode of "The Vampire Diaries?"

Here's how it all went down, the episode kicks off as Stefan receives a phone call from Tripp in the middle of he night. Tripp is calling to thank him for turning over Enzo to him and tells Stefan that he sent some friends down to Savannah to see if the vampire have moved away, after he tortured Enzo, Enzo did not reveal anything to Tripp.

Stefan meets a crazed Ivy who is completely deranged and blames him for what she became. She lunges at him and he is forced to snap her neck.

Stefan shows up at Caroline's place with Ivy in a trunk and asks Caroline for help. He basically asks Caroline to be her babysitter and reminds her that they wouldn't be in this situation if she left him alone.

Stefan gives Caroline the rundown on Tripp's plans and she agrees to show Ivy the ropes. There is some tension between the two and just as Stefan leaves Ivy asks when she can eat.

Alaric is in the middle of a lesson and Elena is listening attentively to the horror story that he is telling the class for Halloween. Tyler asks Liv if he wants to help her after school and it looks like they have found some common ground.

Alaric asks Elena if she changed her mind about being compelled but she refuses and says that she will be taking her own advice for a little, all while forcing him to go to the party in the corn Maze field.

Elena invites Liam to the party and it looks like she is being very flirtatious with him. Bonnie and Damon are walking through the woods plotting on a way to avoid being screwed over by Kai. Speaking of the devil he appears out of nowhere and instructs Bonnie on what will happen once the eclipse occurs, again.

Ivy slips into one of Caroline's dresses and the two are actually bonding. Ivy knows that Caroline is in love with Stefan.

As soon as she catches Caroline off-guard, she takes to snapping her neck and escaping from he vampire protective custody.

Elena tells Liam about her plan to hook up Alaric and Jo as the corn Maze party begins. Caroline is frantically calling Stefan to tell him about Ivy's escape but he hasn't answered.

Stefan walks in on Alaric who confronts him about lying to him while he thought that Stefan was looking for help for Damon.

Alaric refuses to help Stefan and tells him to get out of his face.

Ivy begins he assault on innocent bystanders and she tries to remember what Stefan and Caroline taught her, but she failed to remember how to properly compel someone.

Bonnie and Damon are busy digging a huge hole. Kai comes back with some unimportant supplies and Bonnie threatens Kai with his own words.

It turns out that Kai is not the slightest bit scare of Bonnie, however, she realizes that Kai doesn't know the spell and kills him.

Elena is enjoying her party with Liam as the two flirt back and forth, she admits that he isn't her type.

Liam knows that she is still hung up on her ex, she finally admits to Damon being her ex but says that she just wants to have a good night.

Jo and Alaric meet again and they realize that Elena is setting them up. Tyler arrives to the party in horrible fashion.

The Ivy's victim ran right in front of the car causing Tyler to swerve and bang his head on the steering wheel.

The car is out of control as Tyler is knocked out and he barely misses hitting dead on with Jo until Alaric saves her.

So far there have been so many hints to relationships and romances but no actual leads to whether or not Bonnie and Damon are ever going to get back to Mystic Falls.

Stefan doesn't have Alaric to help him with Ivy or anything else at that after lying to him. Things are becoming a little crazy as bonds are falling apart and being put back together episode after episode.

Tyler hops out of the wrecked car and sees what he has done. The victim is injured and dying and asks for Tyler's help.

Elena helps a dying girl but feeding her blood but compelling her to forget it.

The horrible accident has injured many people and if any one of them dies it will trigger Tyler's curse. Alaric and Jo begin their own crusade to rescue the remainder of the injured people.

Caroline meets up with Stefan and gives him a piece of her mind. He was going to skip town after leaving Ivy with her and Caroline doesn't even recognize him. Caroline tells him that she just wants him to get back into his car and leave which he does.

Sorry fans but the tease emerges again. A frantic Ivy calls Caroline for help and she rushes to find her.

Damon continues to pander along while Bonnie explains to Damon that her grandmother had always told her to be strong and she completes a spell to unlock the ascendant and it looks like she and Damon are a whole lot closer to being home.

Tyler tries to lift the truck away from the injured man and Liv comes in to save the day. Jo and Alaric are frantically trying to help all of the wounded but Alaric is struggling with keeping his cravings under control.

Elena comes over with Tyler on speakerphone and Jo gives Tyler and Liv some bad news.

The victim has no chance of surviving which means Tyler is going to have some trouble later on.

Bonnie does the spell for her and Damon to finally leave their time trap, however, Kai is alive again! He hits Bonnie with an arrow out of nowhere completely foiling their escape.

Kai reveals that he tried committing suicide before but it never worked. Damon and Kai get into a struggle with a wounded Bonnie trying to get the ascendant back.

Tyler frantically tries to save the victim but he is dying, Liv helps Tyler by suffocating the victim relieving Tyler from being the one who murdered him.

Elena and Liam help another struggling victim and finally the police and ambulances appear to the bloody scene.

As Damon and Kai continue to battle Bonnie gets her hands on the ascendant and sacrifices herself to send Damon back to the present day. Is Bonnie dead?

Alaric and Jo bond in the aftermath and she really comes on to him strong. When he is faced with a choice tell her how he feels he compels her to forget about him but something strange happens, she couldn't be compelled! Ivy runs into Tripp and and before she could attack him she is attacked and Caroline witnesses it all.

Liam and Elena talk about the accident and he becomes skeptical when he thinks back to Elena saving one of the victims. Elena distracts him with a kiss and tells him that her type is heroes.

Tyler approaches Liv who is distraught over what she had to do to save Tyler. He offers to talk with her and she tries to avoid him but Tyler is persistent and they finally acknowledge that two of them have something. He vows not to waste the chance she gave him and it looks like one romance is coming true.

Stefan visits what he thinks is Damon and the rest of his family's grave.

He is pulling a Damon by talking to someone who isn't there but low and behold guess who appears out of nowhere. That's right DAMON IS BACK.

Accidents, Ex's and chaos would be the three words that describe this episode the best. It continues the crazy see-saw storyline that fans are seeing from this season of "The Vampire Diaries." Viewers are continuously being teased with the Caroline and Stefan love story but every week it gets further away from actually happening.

How much longer will it last until the two finally give into their feelings for each other? When will Damon and Bonnie finally escape May 10, 1994? Fans can find out on next weeks all new episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Thursday at 8 p.m.

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