'The Vampire Diaries' Woke Up With A Monster Recap, Season 6 Episode 11, Elena In Captivity

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In the midseason finale "The Vampire Diaries" Bonnie became a little more of a lost cause and Elena was trapped by Kai.This week in "Woke Up With A Monster" the eleventh episode of the sixth season Stefan comes to Caroline's aid and Elena tries to figure out why Kai trapped her.

Kai is holding Elena against her will as he trains himself with the newfound magic that he needs to win the merge with his sister, as Damon tries to figure out where Elena is. Liv and Alaric begin Jo's training for the merge ceremony with Kai so that she has a fighting chance against him. Caroline and Stefan now look to be a formidable pair as they venture to North Carolina in search of a cure for her mother's cancer.

Enzo is still hellbent on finding out what Stefan is hiding and so are all of the "The Vampire Diaries'" fans.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is still trapped on the other side not sure of when or if she will ever get back home.

The show kicked off as Elena awakens to Kai's annoying voice talking about himself as always. She is tied up with vervain rope while Kai enjoys a meal in front of her.

Kai admits to absorbing the magic from the travelers spell and he continues to babble on about all of the horrible things he did because he had too much magic.

He says that Elena is with him because he needs to get his magic under control and he will be practicing on her.

Kai surprisers her by undoing the spell for a split second so she can see his handy work.

Stefan wakes up to shuffling and slamming. When he gets downstairs to see who it is he finds Jeremy in just his towel. Jeremy exits but he is alerted by a spell gone wrong as Jo set Liv on fire by accident. He walks into the room and Jo explains all of the broken items on the floor.

Alaric barges in with food and alcohol giving Stefan the rundown on what Jo is trying to accomplish. Damon awakens at the hospital with Caroline's mom and she is questioning him on whether or not he is making things right with Alaric.

They have already started searching for Kai's whereabouts and Caroline walks in with a Kale smoothie to help her moms cancer.

Caroline is clearly upset but in one of her crazy frantic stages trying to figure out a cure for her mother. Damon is not in agreement with her wanting to use vampire blood to help because it never has before. Liv talks to Tyler and tells him how bad Jo is with magic so far and Tyler warns her not to tell Luke.

Caroline and her mom are back home and just then Stefan appears and he has made things a bit more comfortable for her.

Caroline is preparing to leave to go to Duke in order to find out if she can save her mom and Stefan offers to drive.

Is this the moment the two finally figure their relationship out? Meanwhile Sheriff Forbes is taking a nap and Kai has chained Elena to the ceiling of her old high school. Kai is trying to turn her blood into acid and begins torturing her again and again.

Elena manages to break free but her daylight ring is destroyed.

She acts quickly and stuns Kai trying to escape his wrath. Elena is able to call Damon for help but she is attacked by Kai right before she can explain any further.

Stefan and Caroline arrive at Duke and just before they are able to talk Caroline gets the call for her meeting. Stefan is now on his way to see the real Sarah Salvatore who has a very impressive display. The moment is foiled by Enzo who shows up much to Stefan's surprise.

Caroline presents her moms work to the doctor and compels the doctor to tell the truth.

Caroline gets a horrible response form the doctor who says there is no feasible medical solution to the cancer.

Caroline says she wants to see the doctors patient who is in the same shape more than likely to test out vampire blood on a cancer patient.

Elena wakes up tied up once again and she asks Kai if he never cared about anyone. He said that he liked his brother Joey but he beat him to death. Kai tells her not to waste her time trying to change him because he likes himself just the way he is.

Damon and Liv arrive at the school.

He asks her to undo the cloaking spell so he can get Elena out and he makes a wise crack about her teaching skills.

Just then, Luke shows up all goes wrong and he sends Damon in his own cloaked out world.

Damon makes a phone call to Alaric telling him what the situation is and Jo volunteers to go in along with Jeremy who is prepared to kill Kai. Jeremy doesn't want to see his sister suffer at the hands of Kai. Luke tells Liv that their father is upset and she knows that Luke is stronger than her.

She knows that if they merge she will die because her brother is able to do things she can't. She is scared but she is not going to stop trying to help her sister and Elena.

Matt calls the Sheriff to take a look at the dead body on the table and he asks her if it's ever going to end. She collapse when trying to respond and Matt realizes something is terribly wrong.

Caroline walks in to see the test patient and she begins feeling sorry for him while explaining what the doctors are saying. She notices he does not have a son or daughter and she justifies what she is about to do with the fact that her mom does have someone, her.

She reaches down to feed the patient her blood and it seems like it has a strange effect.

Kai is still playing around with Elena and he might be getting too close for comfort. Damon and Jo run into Kai who doesn't actually see them even though they can see him.

Stefan and Enzo are still discussing Stefan's secret and is still tormenting him. Stefan says that he doesn't actually want to meet his relative. He tells Enzo that he didn't tell Damon so that she could be safe and live a normal life. The truth is out and Stefan dares him to tell Damon.

Caroline calls Stefan and rushes him to find her so she can show him her experiment. Damon meets Elena who tells him that her ring is gone.

They need to hurry and save her before the spell is over but Jo who isn't looking well lies when they ask her if she is ok.

Tyler is angry at Liv for what she got herself into and he is painfully watching as someone he cares for about to throw her life away. Luke called his father and told him that they were out; he's had a change of heart to Tyler's surprise. Jo is unable to keep up with her spell and Kai eventually finds all three of them.

Jo collapses and apologizes but Damon says it's okay and prepares to fight a fully charged Kai.

Damon tries to stake Kai but he created an illusion and it looks like he staked Elena instead.

Kai leaves them both and takes Jo to initiate the merge but Alaric and Jeremy show up and Jeremy puts an arrow right into Kai.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital it looks like Caroline's experiment worked. Stefan says it seems too easy but Caroline says that it's because it's never been done before. She asks him to believe in her and he does as she says.

It will be a pity if this newly found cure has a side effect especially for the Sheriff.

Damon scrambles to find the last splinter in Elena's heart but she is fading very fast. It was all a big joke but everyone seems to be happy as Jo is safe, Elena is alive and Kai has been captured.

This incident may have been just what Elena needed to realize that she really did love Damon and when Alaric asks if she is ok she says, "I've never felt more alive," while holding Damon's hand.

The big question still remains, where is Bonnie? She is literally non-existent in this episode where everything seems to be going right, if that was the case then the final piece would be to bring Bonnie Bennett back home.

Obviously it is too early in the last stretch to have her home. Enzo asks the curator of the show what he finds so interesting about Sarah's work. He finds himself telling her the entire story of his bout with Stefan who is Sarah's family. The curator just thinks that he is drunk and pays him no mind but he speaks of revenge and there is something too sinister about it all.

Back home, Alaric is having Jo stay with him and Elena suggests that Damon and her try to have the dinner that was interrupted. Jo volunteers to help Elena clean up before the date and Alaric and Damon finally sit down.

Damon tells Alaric that he doesn't think Jo is strong enough. Alaric is hellbent on the fact that she will defeat Kai and they toast to their women.

Stefan and Caroline arrive to her mothers and he has already told her his secret. She thanks him for everything that he has been doing for her and not treating her like a crazy person. The two are finally having a moment and it looks like things are looking up for Steroline.

She walks into the house to find her mom and Matt and when he leaves, Caroline breaks her new findings to her mom.

She tells her mom that there is nothing the doctors can do and tells her mom they are out of options.

She tells her mother what she did for the cancer patient, healing him, though he lay lifeless in a bed back at Duke, unbeknownst to her. When Caroline begins an emotional speech to her mom about wanting her to live for her daughter.

The patient at Duke awakens but he is starting to cough and it looks like his body has rejected the blood.

The blood did not work and though Caroline tells her mom everything will be okay, it does not look like that bares any truth.

"The Vampire Diaries" continues to shock and wow fans every week and for a show that has been around for six season, the writers continuously produce great episodes. Kai has become a sinister villain in it all and emerges as one of the stronger threats to the team.

Damon and Elena are tested yet again and so is Damon's mission to bring Bonnie back to Mystic Falls.

The second half of "The Vampires Diaries" looks to be quite interesting from tonights episode but fans will have to tune in next week to see what The CW hit has in store.