The Vampire Diaries 'Welcome To Paradise' Recap, S6 EP3, Damon And Bonnie's Stalker Revealed

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Stefan learned the hard way that leaving Damon in the past can be detrimental as he returns to Mystic Falls in "Welcome To Paradise," the third episode of "The Vampire Diaries" he learns a lot has changed in season six.

Elena will try to get Caroline to meet Liam but do things go as planned? The relationship between Liv and Tyler is explored a little more and Stefan makes his big return to Mystic Falls, but it isn't the Mystic Falls he left.

The episode kicks off as a disgruntled Stefan goes to his job to ask for a few days off so that he can go handle some business.

He tells his boss that he wanted a normal life to start over, but his sanctuary was destroyed when Ivy was killed by Enzo.

Stefan is going back home! His boss, who is compelled, grants him the day off and Stefan even tells him to bury his dead girlfriend and oh yeah he wants a raise too.

Elena is back to her perky self, but Caroline is beginning to unpack and to the dismay of Elena who is still trying to keep her at Whitmore.

Caroline seems to be finding her safety in Enzo who Elena says can attend the party as long as she goes as well.

Caroline talks to Matt about the new Elena who is now against and as the conversation ends he stumbles upon Tripp washing the blood out of his van,

Sarah and Jeremy are getting cozy again and she is being quite inquisitive as to what has been going on in his life. Tyler invites Liv and Luke to the party as long as they are able to bring a keg.

Luke can tell that his sister likes Tyler and that's the reason she is being such a b****, his words.

Elena has her eyes set on Liam and invites him to the party as soon as he says yes she turns to see Stefan is back.

Damon and Bonnie are in the grocery store discussing what their plans are. Bonnie tells him that he needs to be optimistic and that she will be able to do magic again meanwhile, he is discussing trying to debunk the fact that someone is there with them.

Just when he was almost making a point Bonnie points out that the pork rinds that are normally in the grocery store every week are miss, what follows that is even more interesting.

The carousel outside of the grocery store begins to operate and they head outside to see who is there but no one is to be seen.

Rather than getting worked up Bonnie simply says that that is the sound of hope.

Stefan and Elena sit down and he asks her about her studies and he notices that she seems happier. Elena asks him about his rundown with Caroline and Enzo. The conversation quickly turns to Stefan noticing that Elena doesn't mention anything about Damon or any feelings but she did mention Bonnie.

When Stefan hears that Enzo will be going to the party he changes his mind about attending.

Caroline and Enzo sit down for some pie as she gives him the rundown on his party etiquette for the knife.

She sees a splotch of something on his shirt and he tells her is Shirley proving that he is just as devious as Damon.

Bonnie and Damon investigate the site and while having a go at each other and bickering again she notices his car to his excitement.

Elena and Stefan are in the car with Liam and he asks about how long it's been say they dated to Elena's surprise it has already been two years.

While the bickering calms down between Bonnie and Damon they notice someone moving around them and they set out to find out just who has been living the same day over and over again with them.

This episode is a bit unpredictable, but from the previews, viewers know that when Stefan sees Enzo there will be an epic showdown ahead. Caroline seems to be smitten with Enzo but will Stefan's return win her over again? It is hard to figure out whether or not Elena could last in her current compelled state.

Her character just seems like a toy in all the madness.

She is happier and bubbly, which will prove to make for some pretty interesting episodes in the future when Bonnie and Damon figure out how to get back to the present day.

The party is in full swing and Elena and her boys Stefan and Liam and she does a little showing off for Liam. After her showing off Elena stumbles upon Jeremy and Sarah and she scolds him for bringing the very girl she attacked. When Tyler walks up to meet Matt and bring him over to Elena he is confronted by Jay, Matt's friend.

Jay was seen with Tripp and his aggressive nature towards Tyler shows that he may be working with him as well.

Elena, Matt, Tyler and Caroline try to sort things out and it's interrupted by what's going on in their lives.

Caroline says she feels lonely and Elena says that she is there for her but it's not the Elena that Caroline would be able to confide in.

Meanwhile, Damon and Bonnie are haunted by someone and Damon is trying to deny the fact that someone is there with them.

Bonnie has finally had enough and tells Damon that if he thinks they don't have hope then he should end his life.

Damon splits up with Bonnie and while he is out getting a drink he meets up with the person who has been with them all along, Kai (Chris Wood).

Yet another character is introduced for "The Vampire Diaries" fans to keep track of.

The show is becoming a pool of mixed characters old and new and it is hard to tell where they all fit in.

Luke and Liv were last seasons mix, but now there is Sarah, Liam, Jay, Kai and Tripp making it all a little more complicated.

Elena and Liam walk and talk and he puts the moves on her much to her surprise as she was really trying to set him up with Caroline. Things get a little easier for fans as Stefan and Enzo meet and when they do Enzo ends up saving him from Jay who is now dead.

After caroline scolds Jeremy for bringing Sarah she runs over to see what is going on with Enzo and Stefan only to find Stefan holding a gun in his direction.

She comes between the two of them and when she asks why he is holding the gun he tells her to ask Enzo. At this point Caroline knows that Enzo has done something wrong.

Kai and Damon get better acquainted and and Kai's character seems to be a little bit of a nuisance and tries to kill Damon! Who is this new vampire hunter and why did he want to kill Damon.

One character down and another emerges in a big way Bonnie and Damon's stalked is revealed to be a big problem for them.

Kai questions Damon while Damon is struggling for his life after poisoning Damon's alcohol. Kai continues his assault on Damon and Bonnie shows up to rescue him but he mocks her as well.

Some good does come out of the encounter as Bonnie has got her groove back. Bonnie regains her powers and together she and Damon take down Kai.

Matt and Tyler discuss Liv and are interrupted by Enzo who brings Jays body to them. Matt is beside himself and he doesn't know what how that happened.

Stefan and Caroline finally meet up and she apologizes for Enzo and she tells him that she knows that being back in Mystic Falls reminds him of how much they all need him.

She asks him to stay after pouring out a lot of feelings and he just walks away and she is left standing alone just like she was when Tyler walked away from her.

Elena saw the whole thing and she ends up being the one to comfort Caroline in her time of need though she has no idea what has been going on.

Vampire Diaries fans have been robbed of the Stefan and Elena love story, at least for now. Jeremy realizes that Sarah can not be compelled and she knows exactly who Elena is. Jeremy tells Elena and Caroline and they are both worried that Sarah may let the secret out.

Tables have turned for Kai and Bonnie and Damon are interrogating him. However, he tells them that he threatened Damon's life because he needed Bonnie to be the key out.

He knew she would be their key and it looks like it will happen.

Liv and Tyler have a moment to talk alone after Tyler tries to cheer Matt up. Liv messes with Tyler and he gets upset but she did it to show that she was falling for him and when she admits it he does nothing.

Caroline and Elena are now forced to search for Sarah now that they know she is a threat. Caroline drops her clothes back into the room and announces that she will be moving back in with Elena.

The two stumble upon some of Bonnie's belongings and they both create an even closer bond as they finally admit everything they miss.

Caroline admits to missing Stefan and Elena finally asks the big question. Does Caroline have feelings for Stefan? Caroline's response was "yeah, I think maybe I did." Does that shut the door on the relationship?

Tripp finds Enzo and attacks him and just when Enzo may have had the upper hand Stefan stakes Enzo with the gun.

It seemed like a strategic move as Stefan discovered who the vampire hunter is and now Tripp thinks he has an ally because Stefan is a member of the founding family.

Stefan has no choice now but to stay and watch over his friends, especially Caroline, now that Enzo is out of the picture.

Things continue to get a little crazy for the Mystic Fall natives and with their two friends trapped in another time things are not getting easier. The change was inevitable this season and fans are still waiting for things to return to the way they were, but will they ever be back to normal? Fans can find out on next weeks all new episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Thursday at 8 p.m.

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