'The Vampire Diaries' Steven R. McQueen Visits Smile Train Patients In Haiti

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It's been quite the year for "The Vampire Diaries" star Steven R. McQueen after exiting the show alongside Nina Dobrev, however, his most recent trip shows how great his true character is as he visits Smile Train patients in Haiti.

The Smile Train is an organization that sets out to fix children born with cleft lips or individuals who have cleft lips in poverty stricken countries with donations.

McQueen took a trip to Haiti with the Smile Train team to visit some of the patients. He managed to meet a few friends along the way and shared his wonderful experience with his fans and followers via Instagram.

"Every year more than 170,000 children are born with cleft lip and/or palate. Most can't afford surgery," says Smile Train.

"Clefts are a major problem in developing countries where millions of children are suffering with unrepaired clefts. Most cannot eat or speak properly and aren't allowed to attend school or hold a job."

The site says that these types of issues can lead to shame and isolation but once surgery is implemented life gets better for these individuals. While McQueen hasn't really been in the spotlight acts like these are the ones that often get swept under the rug unless it's new about his career.

So we decided to shine some light on the good things that McQueen is doing while he's away from the TV screen.

Check out some photos and videos from McQueen's trip below.

Me and the captain

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My friend getting surgery tomorrow @smiletrain

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Brought some snacks!

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They were teaching me to dance

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Sometimes you need to start your day on top of a mountain watching the sun rise in Haiti

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