'The Vampire Diaries' Shaking Things Up With Paul Wesley And Candice Accola, Evil Steroline?

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After last nights wild episode of "The Vampire Diaries" the shows writers have taken two of the most caring characters and turned them into sinister versions of themselves, transforming Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline

(Candice Accola) into an evil twosome.

Last night on "The Vampire Diaries," Stefan was forced to turn off his humanity when Caroline threatened to kill Sarah Salvatore. It all started with a completely transformed Caroline who flipped her humanity switch to deal with the grief of losing her mom.

It turned her into a completely wild an crazy character, one fans may have not known existed.

If you think about Damon before he was able to overcome his enigmatic nature and combine it with Enzo's present enigmatic and twisted nature then you'd get the Caroline that fans witnessed last night.

What she caused Stefan to do was venture into a very dark part of himself, a part that fans learned last night, came from his mother who was also a vampire. She faked her death to get away from her family and carried out an onslaught of vampiric murders throughout Europe.

Stefan isn't back to his ripper stage, however, with his humanity switch turned off, he is merely a step away from his uncontrollable blood-thirsty nature.

It seems as if this will take a huge toll on the Steroline romance from the preview that The CW presented to fans following "The Downward Spiral." They teased a showdown between the two lovers and what fans thought would be another power couple in "The Vampire Diaries," is becoming a dangerous brew waiting to overflow into Mystic Falls. After all is said and done, the performances by both Wesley and Accola were spectacular.

Accola in particular because she assumed the role of a character unlike anything she's ever been on the show.

The star hosted an #AskCandice session last night during "The Downward Spiral" and had some pretty funny answers.

One in particular being the fact that fans approach her and refer to her as Caroline because they don't know her real name.

To see how the new spin turns out between Caroline and Stefan (Steroline), fans will have to catch "A Bird in a Gilded Cage," next Thursday on The CW. Comment your reaction to last night's episode and the new twist below.