'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'This Woman's Work' Season 7 Episode 13, Rayna On The Loose

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Enzo had Rayna captured the last time CWTV's The Vampire Diaries aired. In "This Woman's Work," episode 13 of season seven, Rayna escapes and no one is safe from her wrath.

Caroline continues to struggle heavily with her pregnancy issues and it begins to worry everyone, especially Stefan. Enzo looses his prisoner as Rayna escaped from captivity and he turns to Damon for help.

As he has done in the past, Damon ends up leading Rayna right to everyone that he cares about making for a pretty explosive episode.

Will everyone work together for the greater cause, taking out Rayna, or is this it for the team.

The madness began in 1842 in Louisiana. Young Rayna is asking her father about his hunter's mark tattoo. She asks him when she gets hers and he tells her hopefully never. He wanted her to live in a world without bloodsuckers. Rayna refuses to eat until her father teaches her how to fight.

He presents her wit the dagger that Stefan and Damon know all too well. Her training continues 15 years later but Rayna isn't good enough to beat her father, who tells her she has to show him she wants to survive.

She finally gets the upper-hand when the warning for vampires sound. She asks to go with him to fight but he doesn't allow her to.

In present day, Enzo brings another one of his vampire friends to see Rayna. She tries punching through the glass and he tells her that he will have to sedate her. Just then, she breaks through the glass and escapes.

Meanwhile, Damon's new friend who bares a strong resemblance to Rayna is having a little party in barely any clothes. Bonnie pulls up and he hides his new girl.

Bonnie begins asking Damon if he heard from Enzo and rehashes everything that has gone on since they last saw each other, that's when she finds the short shorts.

Stefan finally makes it back to the hospital, however, when he sees Caroline, she is not in good shape and the doctors have to operate. Stefan is angry for not getting there sooner and Valerie walks up.

He has compelled the doctors to ignore everything supernatural.

He feels guilty for leaving Caroline when she was sick and when Valerie tells her he was just trying to get to his brother, he tells her his brother doesn't care about anything.

Valerie tells him that all he has to worry about is Caroline having the babies.

Bonnie now knows of Damon's new fling, Krystal. Bonnie isn't really upset with Damon for having a one-night stand. Enzo calls Damon and Damon ends up being in the middle of the conversation. Damon says that Enzo wants the sword and he uses the fact that he knows Damon killed Elena as a way to pressure him into giving up the sword.

Damon doesn't say a word and prepares himself to tell Bonnie he needs a huge favor. Alaric is rushing over to the airport to get back to Caroline and the twins but Stefan tells him he won't make it in time.

Something begins to go wrong during Caroline's surgery and the doctors can't cut through. Valerie says she believes the babies want to stay inside Caroline to feed; they don't want to be born.

In another flashback, Rayna approaches the area where her father has been fighting only to find Julian talking to him after injuring him. Rayna stops Julian before he kills her father and she tries to convince Julian not to kill her father or he will suffer from the hunter's curse, ultimately taking his own life.

So, Julian compels Rayna to kill her own father. Rayna struggles with her compulsion but before she kills her father, he tells her to use what he has taught her to carry on his legacy.

Damon and Bonnie find the dagger and Bonnie wants to know why they have to give Enzo the dagger. She continues to pressure Damon on what he did. Bonnie threatens him with a journal entry about Krystal for Elena when she wakes up and he tells her to be his guest.

Damon then demands that Bonnie leaves it alone and she gives him the dagger. Meanwhile, Stefan has to fill Caroline in on what has been going on and he tells her that Valerie is getting help from Nora, Mary-Louise and Beau.

She is not happy to have her life in the hands of the heretics but Stefan assures her that he will not let anything happen to her.

Damon and Bonnie bring Enzo the sword only, Rayna is there to thank them with a crossbow filled with wooden stakes. She is holding them at, well, bow-point. Damon tells Enzo that he takes back being thankful for him back in the Whitmore days. Enzo says he didn't have a choice and introduces them to Rayna. When Damon starts mocking Rayna, she puts a stake in Bonnie and threatens to kill her.

Damon throws the dagger out of the window and tells her to go get it. In a flashback, Rayna remembers her initiation into the brotherhood.

A ceremony is held and all of the the brothers sacrifice their life so that they can live on in Rayna.

The one brother left presents her with a dagger holding the Phoenix stone before killing himself. Rayna is told to avenge everyone.

In the same flashback, Rayna greets the heretics and Beau is singing until Rayna puts a dagger through his throat. Julian and the other heretics are rushing to get Beau safety. In present day Rayna finds the dagger. Stefan is overseeing the heretics as they try to help Caroline through her extremely complicated birth.

It seems to be going when Beau's scar begins to bleed and they have to stop. Damon helps Bonnie heal and they have Enzo tied up.

Nora called Bonnie in a panic asking if she gave the sword to Rayna. Bonnie learns that Rayna is after Beau and if she gets to him, she will then turn her attention to all other vampires.

Caroline isn't doing well and the doctors have to take some very drastic measures. Stefan comes to a crossroads with the heretics when they want to escape Rayna's wrath. He doesn't want to let them go by Valerie convinces him to do otherwise and let her complete the spell to save Caroline. She bids her heretic family farewell and they tell her to be careful because she can die if she tries to do the spell on her own.

Valerie saves Caroline for the time being and Damon calls him but Stefan is very cold toward his brother and Bonnie hears everything. Bonnie asks Damon what she doesn't know.

He tells her that he screwed up bad and he has to make it right again.

In a flashback, the heretics are hurrying to escape the wrath of Rayna who finds them before they can leave. She faces off with Julian and he stabs her with a stake. However, before he and the rest of the family can escape, she tosses the dagger at Julian and that's how he was initially trapped.

In present day, Rayna finds Beau and stabs him. The rest of the heretics take off in fear that they will meet the same fate.

Valerie is continuing her spell to protect Caroline and Stefan takes the time to project himself into her to enjoy her company. He's in her head and they are on a picturesque date as he tries to distract her from what's going on. He tells her that she has had lives inside of her that she didn't ask for and the least he could do is keep her company. She thanks him and he opens his eyes.

Damon arrives and he and Bonnie know that Rayna is the hospital from the burning truck she left outside. Damon rushes in to the building and faces off with Rayna.

Bonnie comes in to the operating room to deliver the news of Beau's death. Stefan asks where Damon is.

Meanwhile, Damon is fighting Rayna on his own. Bonnie is trying to convince Stefan to help his brother, but he says he doesn't care about him. Bonnie says she doesn't know what Damon did but he needs to go help his brother.

Just then, Alaric comes in and they all urge Stefan to go. Bonnie says Alaric can take it from there and he does.

Damon is getting his ass handed to him in a fight and before Rayna can send him back to hell, Stefan takes the dagger and manages to kick Rayna away from him.

His last memory was of him and Caroline and he looks down at Damon and says, "I'll see ya brother."

Bonnie and Valerie are working hard and the first baby is born thanks to their efforts. The second baby is born and Alaric couldn't be happier to see his baby daughters. Bonnie asks Alaric if she is okay and Alaric says they are both okay. Damon is left staring at Enzo who asks him if he is going to untie him.

Enzo tells him that giving Rayna the sword wasn't on his list. Damon tells him that Enzo screwed him and he lets fate decide what happens.

Just before Damon reveals what side of the coin he flipped, Enzo shouts that Elena is still alive. Damon was hallucinating when he incinerated the first coffin. He says that Elena is very much safe and very much alive.

Caroline comes to and Bonnie tells her that the babies are okay and beautiful. Caroline asks where Stefan is and Bonnie is at a loss from words. Stefan is driving away to run from Rayna when Damon calls and tells him that Elena is alive. Damon vows to kill Rayna with his bare hands if he has to and get him back.

Caroline calls and Stefan is forced to apologize for not being there and that it's the only way he could draw her away. Caroline says she wishes it wasn't always him.

He tells her her loves her and she replies with the same words. Alaric wheels the twins in to the room and he presents her with Josie, named after Jo and Elizabeth in honor of Caroline's mother.

In the future, Caroline and her daughters are on their way to New Orleans to visit Caroline's friends. Oh yeah, it looks like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals crossover is coming very soon.

"This Woman's Work" gets fans a little more acquainted with the vampire huntress and she is definitely all business. The Vampire Diaries continues to introduce such ruthless villains and each time they are defeated.

However, Rayna seems to be a lot more cunning and vicious than all of the others they have faced in the past. Fans who can't get enough can head over to The CWTV main page for updates and extras.

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