'The Vampire Diaries' Recap 'Stay,' Season 6 Episode 14, Jeremy Says Goodbye

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Last week Jeremy managed to save Bonnie's life in an emotional episode of "The Vampire Diaries." This week in "Stay," the fourteenth episode of the shows sixth season, things get even more emotional as Jeremy says goodbye to Mystic Falls and Elena.

Tonight's episode was all about Jeremy and revisiting the moments he spent in Mystic Falls with Elena on his last day in town. Stefan and Caroline displayed that there was something between them in last weeks episode of "The Vampire Diaries" but this week, Steroline grow even closer while they make arrangements in Caroline's family cabin where Sheriff Forbes will live her final days. Sheriff Forbes may be in her last days but there was something strange about the case of Elena's parents.

She turns to the only one she trusts with the task, Damon, and asks him to help her close the unsolved case.

Enzo still has a stronghold on Matt and is forcing him to complete a dangerous plan that involves Sarah.

It all started as a young Sheriff Forbes hands out orders to her deputies when she receives a call that causes her to rush to the hospital. Forbes remembers the accident the Gilbert's had while she packs her office up. It looks like she is reluctant to leave until she revisits the case and opens it back one more time.

Meanwhile, Damon and Elena try to convince the principal of Jeremy's school to issue his diploma so he could move on to art school. Damon has to compel him to do so while Alaric, Matt and Jeremy have some drinks.

Jeremy notices that Matt is receiving a call from Enzo who tells him that Sarah is on her way.

Sarah walks in and telling Matt a story about the owner of the bar he works in called to get photos taken.

Damon and Elena return with good news of Jeremy having the ability to graduate. Damon even slips him a joint as a going away present and tells him he will be able to move on without him. Caroline and Stefan arrive at her family's cabin and they have quite the awkward moment as Stefan asks her to get his phone out of his pant pockets. Caroline answers instead and tells her mom that she knows her mom told Stefan to be there for her and tells her not to worry she is glad she did.

Damon walks in to Forbes' office and she tells him that she won't leave the office with unsolved cases. He jokingly takes the blame for all of the murder cases, but when he is handed the file for the death of Elena's parents, Damon questions why now.

Forbes thought that Damon was involved but he promised it wasn't him. She then plays the recording from Elena's mom who needed to speak to Forbes right away.

Jeremy steps outside to smoke the joint but Elena comes out of nowhere and he snitches on Damon. Elena snatches the joint from his hands and he tells her that Alaric left before someone notices he's not dead. Elena then decides to smoke a joint with her little brother.

Caroline sneaks up on Stefan who is working on the cabin and she is pretty surprised with what she sees.

They have a conversation about Stefan not having to be with Caroline and he tells her he has no place he'd rather be.

Damon and the Sheriff begin getting down to business trying to solve the mystery of why Elena's parents died. Forbes revealed that Damon saw Elena and Stefan pulled her out of the car. Damon reveals that they were both in town to say goodbye to their mother but Forbes knows that he is leaving something out.

Damon points out a ton of anomalies in the report and they both realize something was wrong. Elena and Jeremy have a serious case of the munchies and he asks her for her car but she refuses.

They seem more normal now than they've ever been before and Elena even apologizes for being a bad sister and shutting everyone out, even Jeremy.

Elena receives a call from Damon and asks her to come down to the station because it's important. A stoned Elena quickly sobers up and leaves, but Enzo appears and he remembers how Jeremy tried to kill him.

Matt tries to learn a few tips from Sarah but he receives a call from Enzo that tells him to bring Sarah to him or Jeremy will have to suffer the consequences.

If there is anyone that can really spoil a going away party, it's Enzo. He continues his enigmatic role and it really has to have fans questioning who they'd rather have alive him or Kai.

Caroline unpacks some more items for her mom when Stefan walks in and notices she is upset about her mother. Caroline is taking everything seriously but Stefan tells her he will be taking over the responsibility, to which she answers by opening a big bottle of alcohol.

Forbes and Damon questioned Elena about why her parents were taking the route they did.

Sheriff Forbes apologizes for opening up the case now but Elena only thanks her for taking care of her and Jeremy when their parents died. As Elena leaves, Forbes has a moment of weakness but Damon is there to help.

Matt leads Sarah to the tunnels that Enzo ordered him to and she begins stopping to take photos. She then tells Matt who seems to be impressed with her, that she doesn't have a boyfriend.

Then out of nowhere Enzo tells Matt exactly where to stand and hits him with a car.

Stefan tells Caroline that it doesn't matter what book the Sheriff reads in her final moments, it's about the final moments leading up to that point.

Stefan knows that Caroline is trying to control the situation and she tells Stefan she is glad her mother asked him to look after her.

She asks him why he is there and her answers it was because when she told him she hated him, it was the worst thing he ever heard.

Then, after Caroline tells him that she never really hated him, they kiss during a sunset and it's finally happened Steroline is a go!

Sarah called 911 to come get Matt and Enzo pretends as if he is walking over for the first time. Enzo tries to calm Sarah while he heals Matt using vampire blood and rushes off. Elena walks in on Jeremy who is icing his lip from having Enzo's boot on it. Elena tells Jeremy that Sheriff Forbes received a call from their mother before the crashed.

Jeremy tells Elena that her mother threatened to teach him a lesson by calling the cops on him for smoking pot. Elena tells Damon who then relays the message to Forbes and they realize that the death was caused by a storm.

Forbes asks Damon to call Caroline and tell her that she can surprise her tomorrow, because she isn't feeling up to it.

The Sheriff can finally leave her office now that the case is solved, before she does, she leaves her badge on the table, takes one last look and departs.

Elena gets off the phone with Damon and Jeremy overhears the conversation about the Sheriff deteriorating. When Jeremy tries to do otherwise, Elena tells him that he deserves a better life. Alaric volunteers to take Jeremy to art school so Elena can visit the Sheriff. Elena gives Jeremy one last gift her SUV and a big hug.

Damon helps the Sheriff into her bed and she is completely distraught that it was a simple accident that took Elena's parents away. Sheriff Forbes says there is some peace in knowing that she will die a normal life.

Forbes tells Damon that Caroline is extraordinary and she needs to know how proud she is of her.

Damon tells her she will tell her herself and she thanks him for helping her.

Damon reveals that he never got to spend time with his mother before she died and the Sheriff gives him a second chance to be there.

The Sheriff asks for a drink and Damon says he will be right back. When he asks her if she wants it on the rocks or neat he doesn't her and answer.

Forbes is unresponsive and Caroline and Stefan rush to the hospital in a frantic state.

When Caroline sees her mom in bed she is torn apart because she didn't get to say goodbye to her mom.

It looks as if there will be two farewells in this episode and with Caroline's state, Stefan will have a lot of pieces to pick up.

Stefan makes a call to Tyler asking him to come back to say goodbye to Sheriff Forbes. He then asks Damon what the report is on Forbes and it doesn't look like she has too long.

Stefan enters the room and Caroline tells him she should have been with her.

Caroline is upset at herself for not giving her mother peace. Stefan tells her she still can be with her mother in her final moment and approaches the bed.

Meanwhile, Alaric drops Jeremy off at the station with some weapons just incase. Alaric also gives him an assignment and it's revealed that Jeremy is actually going on an assignment from Alaric not because he is fulfilling his sister's wishes.

With one last warning, Alaric gives Jeremy a hug, tells him he is proud of him and sees him off.

Jeremy tells Alaric that if Bonnie ever comes back he wants to be the first to know. The bus drives off and there goes one character.

Stefan asks her Caroline to clear her mind and think about the best moments she had with her mother. Stefan tells her that they can live in her memories and when she finally clears her mind, she sees her mother teaching her how to ride a bike. Little Caroline was scared, but her mother encouraged her and allowed her to pedal on her own even when she asked her not to.

There couldn't have been a more beautiful memory of a mother and daughter. The whole crew enters the room and the Sheriff finally departs for good. Caroline exclaims, "she's gone," as everyone stands in silence.

From the moment it was announced that Jeremy's character would be leaving, fans have been preparing themselves for the emotional episode of "The Vampire Diaries." It was beautifully written and fans are now seeing one of the beloved characters from the shows origin saying goodbye. There was no sign that the Sheriff would be leaving in the same episode as Jeremy, making thinks much more heart-wrenching for TVD fans.

Bonnie still needs to make her way back to the present day because it still doesn't seem right that she is still gone.

"The Vampires Diaries" is in one of their best seasons to date, and fans will have to tune in next week to see what The CW hit has in store.