'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Somebody That I Used to Know' Season 7 Episode 19

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CWTV's The Vampire Diaries continues to near it's season end, however we've learned the series won't be ending.

In "Somebody That I Used to Know," episode 19 of season seven, Damon is going to have to work on his friendship with Bonnie.

Enzo ends up putting Bonnie's life at Risk but Rayna could be her only way of saving herself. Damon strikes up a deal with Rayna but to carry it out, he and Bonnie have to work together which means some serious friendship rebuilding is going to have to happen. Stefan takes a trip to Dallas and he meets Alaric.

Awkward. Together they have to discuss everything that has gone on since Stefan decided to walk out of Caroline's life.

Enzo has time to uncover the real reason why the Armory is looking for Bonnie, a reason that Bonnie found out herself while going undercover in the psychiatric hospital.

It all begins as Bonnie is packing up her old dorm room. She finds a letter with her name on it but just packs it anyway. She walks past the initials that she Caroline and Elena carved in the door but she senses danger.

Some men are coming up stairs with guns and Enzo whisks her away to safety.

He brings her to a safe place where he tells her that Alex told the armory to bring her in. He tells her that she will thank him when it's all over.

Enzo asks her if she feels better later on and it appears as if he injected her with the anti-magic serum to get Alex off of her trail.

Bonnie says she feels fine but she can't believe it's happening.

There is a knock on the door and Bonnie doesn't want to answer, however, Enzo says they will need him, Damon arrives but before he could continue his plan, Bonnie scolds him and tells him she doesn't want to hear one word from him and if he has anything to say, he can direct it towards Enzo.

Stefan arrives in Dallas and drops off some things. He says he was hoping to speak to Caroline but Alaric says she isn't there right now. Stefan asks to come in and Alaric actually welcomes him in.

Meanwhile, in the car, Enzo is trying to get Bonnie to cool off. Bonnie says she is flooded with anger after Damon tried to leave without saying goodbye.

They arrive at a cabin in the woods and Enzo says they will be safe for awhile. Damon mocks the place and Bonnie says he can go home if he doesn't like it but that doesn't happen.

Enzo takes Damon down to the storm cellar to meet the hunters and Bonnie remembers the first time Enzo brought her to the secluded cabin. She fights him at first but he manages to explain to her that his allegiance is not to the Armory. Enzo asks her to sift through some books to find out why the Armory wants her so badly.

He tells her to take one of the pills everyday to hide her magic from Alex.

He says he rather see Bonnie alive than dead out of common decency. Bonnie says she wants to set the ground rules and Enzo says he expects nothing less.

Back in present day, Bonnie rips the letter out of her pile. Meanwhile, Enzo and Damon are in the cellar where Rayna is scribbling away on all sorts of papers. She has visions rushing through her head and says she told them she can't help them.

Damon decides to bargain with Rayna. He offers to wipe out anyone on her list in exchange for her to die.

Enzo says she is on her last mortal life and they want to transfer the life to Bonnie because it will heal her.

Damon says it's a lose-lose situation for her but Enzo steps in to make the bargain sound better. Enzo tells her for the rest of her remaining days she can either chase the vampires around or let them do the dirty work and die with peace of mind.

Rayna asks that they prove it by killing someone from her list. She presents him with the never-ending list. Rayna says that they better get started soon before Bonnie runs out of time.

Two and a half years ago Bonnie and Enzo seem pretty homely in the cabin and she tells him about blueprints for the Armory's archived area. She tells him about a room where special things are kept. Enzo asks her if she still didn't burn the letter and she says everyday she wants to but she doesn't.

Enzo says Damon left him too when they were trapped but Whitmore. Enzo says it's not Bonnie, it's just Damon, it's who he is. Enzo says someone with all of the loyalty she has deserves much better than being left.

In present day Alaric is explaining life after Stefan when he notices the Justice of Peace marked on the calendar. Alaric notices and says unless he wants a juice box, he suggests they go elsewhere for a drink.

Meanwhile, Rayna is trying to guide Bonnie, Damon and Enzo to one of the vampires on her hit list. Damon is surprised that she is being so cooperative and Rayna says she is tired and just wants one free day where she can enjoy a few simple pleasures for once. Damon asks where she is sending them next and it happens to be a dentists office.

Damon arrives to find a vampire feeding on an innocent person. Damon and Enzo give it a try but Bonnie has to step in with a crossbow. She misses a couple of time and finally Damon beheads the vampire.

One and a half years ago Bonnie and Enzo are celebrating New Years Eve. He asks her to get up because they are having dinner and also asks her to wear something nice. When she returns, he surprised her by decorating the entire place with lights and they enjoy their dinner.

She says if he was to tell her that they would be having dinner she wouldn't believe it. Bonnie tells Enzo everything that Virginia told her when she was undercover.

Enzo says he had no parents and it keeps him from hating them. Bonnie says after all of this time she is finally starting to understand him. He asks her to dance and she obliges.

In the moment Enzo works on getting Bonnie to fall for him but he says he has to go.

He tells her if he doesn't show up Alex will wonder where he is. Before he leaves he kisses Bonnie and tells her, "Happy New Year."

Enzo and Stefan are having a beer and Stefan won't answer his brother's phone calls. Alaric wants to know what happened to Stefan and why he didn't return as he promised Caroline he would. Stefan says there is more to the story. Stefan is now ready to share what happened.

Alaric says now that her life is coming around, he pops up and wants to tell the truth. The phone annoys him and Alaric tells him to pick it up.

Damon is calling for help and says that Bonnie is in trouble. He says he knows Stefan doesn't owe him anything he just really needs the help. Stefan says he is with Alaric and asks Damon what they can do.

In Oklahoma City, Alaric and Stefan arrive to take out a vampire while Damon, Bonnie and Enzo take out their share as well. The two teams are taking out vampire all over and when Damon thinks the team is coming together, Bonnie tells him he pictures Damon's face where the heart is. Enzo runs into Alex and Damon and Bonnie watch on as Enzo and Alex chat. Alex reveals why she had her sister committed.

Alex says that another sister is trapped in the vault and she needs Bonnie's help to get her out. Alex says she can hear her voice calling to her for help from inside.

Alex tries to guilt Enzo into letting Bonnie perform the spell to put their family back together. Alex asks Enzo to bring her Bonnie and she will do everything she can to save her life.

Damon and Bonnie have escaped and he is trying to talk to Bonnie but she doesn't want to hear it. Enzo calls and tells Bonnie she has nothing to worry about.

He believes that Alex is actually being sincere but he doesn't trust her.

He does think that Alex is closing in but Damon notices that Bonnie's first scab has shown. Enzo says she would have a week maybe less after that happens and now they are worrying big time.

In the past Enzo arrives at the cabin to see Bonnie practicing her guitar. He says he has been busy at work but is looking forward to see what she found. Bonnie tells Enzo that Virginia knew her cousin, Lucy.

That's where they figured out that Bonnie should go undercover to find out more info.

Enzo continues to teach Bonnie how to play the guitar but when their hands touch the magical moment happens and they begin kissing. Bonnie puts the guitar to the side before she jumps on to Enzo.

In present day Damon walks up on Enzo and Bonnie together and calls Stefan to take his mind off of what he is seeing. Stefan helps him and tells him that Alaric is only helping him for Bonnie. He is worried about what Caroline will think if Alaric is so cold with him. Damon says he has to go because they have a lead.

They follow it up and before Enzo kills a vampire, he reveals himself to be Beau in another body. Enzo and Bonnie try to stop Damon but Damon does it anyway.

Damon and Enzo take their argument outside to figure out which one of them have made the most mistakes.

Damon tells Enzo that he holds him responsible for Bonnie and if anything happens to her he will rip his heart out of his chest.

Bonnie walks up on them and scolds Damon. Damon admits that he made a mistake and he shouldn't have run away. Bonnie says she keeps the letter as a way to remember who she shouldn't trust.

Damon tries to push the blame on Enzo but Bonnie says that Enzo is always there for her.

She says she loves Enzo and she knows that even if she dies at least Enzo will be there for her. She then shoves Damon's letter in his chest and walks away.

Stefan and Alaric are burying their victims and Alaric says he shouldn't try to make friends with him again or try to get back into Caroline's life. Stefan says Caroline will have to decide for herself. Alaric tells him a story of how Caroline would park her car and cry everyday. Alaric says over time, Caroline stopped and started spending time with he and the kids.

Stefan hits a low-blow when he asks why they have a second room. Stefan says Alaric makes the relationship look good on paper.

Alaric punches him in the face and says that he knows Caroline doesn't love him, however, all he can do is be worthy and faithful to Caroline. He says it's more than he ever did.

Bonnie and Enzo are spending time in the cabin and Damon is there watching it all. Damon says he is going to go get the next name and leaves the cabin. Stefan arrives back at Ric's again and Alaric is surprised and tries to send him away but Caroline is there.

She says they just got back and she doesn't pay Stefan any mind. She says she will put the kids to bed and walks away from her.

Ric closes the door on Stefan who gets a call from Damon saying that Rayna has added a few more names to the list.

In her holding room Rayna is on the floor curled up in a ball with paper scattered all over.

"Somebody That I Used to Know," finds The Vampire Diaries revisiting what it's like for the team of Bonnie and Damon to have to rebuild itself. It sure seems a bit repetitive and Bonnie can never seem to catch a break.

We can't wait to see how this one plays out. Fans who can't get enough can head over to The CWTV main page for updates and extras.

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