'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Requiem for a Dream' Season 7 Episode 21, Bonnie the Hunter

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After Rayna switched up her deal with Damon, CWTV's The Vampire Diaries is going to get a little rocky.

In "Requiem for a Dream," episode 21 of season seven, the team has yet another reason to come together and help Bonnie deal with her new curse.

Damon messed up once again and because of his broken deal with Rayna, the entire team has to figure out a way to help Bonnie once again. Stefan and Caroline (Steroline) finally stop running from each other and talk about their broken relationship.

Alaric can't be too pleased about any of that after his last discussion with Caroline.

Matt is still not a fan of Stefan but he decides to play the hero card in hopes to help his old friend out in the tough situation.

Caroline is the first one Bonnie's list and Bonnie doesn't seem to be herself at all. Will everyone be able to survive Bonnie's wrath? Especially Damon.

The episode kicks off as Bonnie wakes up in a room with her friends. She is a bit fuzzy and Enzo tells her to move nice and slow.

Caroline and Alaric are there and Caroline asks her how she is feeling but Bonnie doesn't know. She says she feels different but Enzo believes it is probably a good thing.

Bonnie says she is thirsty and starving and Caroline and Alaric elect to go grab her something. Enzo grabs her water but she tells him she prefers a bourbon neat. Enzo gets up and pours her a glass of bourbon as they drink to new beginnings.

She smashes the glass over his head and breaks his neck in an attack. She is clearly not the same Bonnie. Caroline comes in and immediately begins to worry about what she saw.

Damon walks in and sees Bonnie lying on the same chair she rose from and she asks what is going on.

Enzo tells her nothing that's the problem and it now appears that the vision in the beginning is all in Bonnie's head.

Damon is ranting to Enzo about Rayna's betrayal and Enzo asks if he got a chance to catch the shaman, however, Damon says he ran off at the same time. Enzo wants to know if the spell worked or not and Damon says he doesn't know.

Damon says he wants to know if Bonnie will kill them. Enzo suggests Bonnie might not be waking up because she is Bonnie and she doesn't want to kill them.

Caroline is trying to figure out how to handle Bonnie and she doesn't want to chain her up. Alaric says if that's the case then they have to leave.

Caroline wants to stay because she believes she is the best person for Bonnie to see when she wakes up.

Alaric argues that he will be the only one that Bonnie doesn't want to kill but it doesn't matter. Caroline promises him to be home as soon as she can.

Meanwhile, Matt is busy in his office going over the file of Penny. He hears a knock on the door from a deputy who asks if there is a break in Penny's case.

Matt says it was an accident and the deputy tells him that there are squanders at the Salvatore house. Matt says he will take care of it.

Damon calls his brother for some advice but Stefan isn't really the go-to anymore. Stefan says his life was destroyed when he was forced to run from Rayna.

Stefan does say that he has an idea. Stefan mentions that Rayna never really wanted to kill Stefan because she could sense his humanity.

He returns to the mansion and tells Enzo that one of them needs to convince her hunter brain that not all vampires are vicious selfless monsters. Enzo elects to do it but Caroline walks in and tells her that it should be her because she knew her the best.

Stefan says she is right.

While Caroline tries to dive into Bonnie's mind, she can feel Stefan behind her and tells him she doesn't need a backseat driver.

He says he was trying to see if she needed anything and she snaps back at him smartly by asking him to be helpful by doing his thing and runaway.

Stefan says he can take a hint but Caroline tells him if he thought that was a hint he wasn't paying attention. Caroline then jumps into Bonnie's brain.

Bonnie is in Alaric's class and Alaric asks her if vampires are a myth.

Bonnie says they are a myth, however, Alaric says they are real and exist.

Around her vampires begin feeding on the innocent and Alaric forces her to show him how she kills a vampire, after he turns into one as well.

Bonnie is chased through the halls by vampires and finds herself locked in a room. Caroline is there and asks her if this is what Bonnie has been going through the whole time.

Bonnie asks her to stay away from her but Caroline manages to calm her down by telling her that it's really her and she needs resist the need to kill vampires.

Caroline tells her to concentrate on who she is not what she is.

Bonnie urges Bonnie to open her eyes and join them for dinner. Bonnie asks her if her kids know that she is a vampire and gets a bit strange.

She asks Caroline if she admires her children's necks at night. Caroline tells her to turn it off but Bonnie snaps and stakes Bonnie in the dream.

Caroline wakes up and Stefan is startled and asks how it went.

Caroline tells him how bad it was and that she was stabbed in the dream. Stefan realizes that it means that Caroline is marked and will be the first one Bonnie goes after when she wakes up.

Caroline wants air but Stefan wants to talk. He is trying to talk to her and protect her.

He urges her to get as far away as he can however, Caroline snaps back by telling him that his life could have not be all that bad after he was marked.

She tells him to respect her choice to not runaway but instead, he grabs her before she could walk off and injects her with a tranquilizer.

Matt arrives at the Salvatore Mansion and Enzo confronts him about trying to stop them. Matt says it is their fault that Bonnie is in that position.

Enzo urges him to table his feelings about vampires until his friend is awake. Damon is inside trying to get through to Bonnie. He leaves her as Enzo comes in to give it a shot.

Enzo enters Bonnie's mind and sees her killing a vampire in grand manner. He claps and makes a joke but Bonnie comes running up to him.

She hugs him and it seems as if for the time being she is subdued. She says the spell is overriding who she is. Enzo tells her she might be looking in the wrong place.

Enzo brings her to the piano room and remember how she fell in love with him when he was teaching her to play the guitar. He asks her to play the song and before she starts she says she has always wanted to be loved by someone the way he did. Bonnie says she doesn't want to destroy someone she loves.

She would rather die and tells Enzo that it is her choice. She is refusing to take Rayna's life.

She then tells Enzo to get out of there and let her go, however, he won't leave her. So, instead she breaks the guitar and stabs him, marking him as well.

Enzo tells them that Bonnie would rather slip away than kill them. Caroline wakes up in a hotel room.

Stefan walks in and presents her with plane tickets to Hong Kong.

Caroline says thinks it is a joke but Stefan says all that matter is they start moving and keep moving.

Caroline says there is no such thing as "we." So Stefan tells her she can go on her own if it would make her feel better.

Caroline doesn't understand why he won't except her choice. Stefan says that Elena died because he respected her choice and he lost her. Caroline tells him that one day maybe he will wake up and see that she deserves the same respect that he gave Elena.

She says she stopped trying to wait for that a long time ago. He tells Caroline that if she leaves she is putting her family in danger. Caroline says abandoning them is worst.

Stefan calls Damon to tell him that Caroline is going away for the better but it wasn't in the way he wanted it.

Damon tells him to stop moping about who he is not and be the person he is.

Stefan says he knows that Damon has been locked up in a coffin and that it was legit some of the most terrible advice.

Damon turns towards Bonnie and says he has to be him before venturing into her mind. He finds Bonnie walking alone as she comes up on Elena's old house.

She sees her moving inside and rushed to the door when she is interrupted by Damon. Bonnie tells him to leave her alone and that he is the last person he wants to see.

Damon says he wanted to thank her before it was too late. He tells her that she is going to die and that it is going to make him a very happy man. He says the least he could do is dive into her brain and say goodbye.

He presents her with his letter and tells her to read it but she rips it out. He stops her and begins reciting all of the words.

Damon tells her that they are at Elena's house because Elena is the one he misses the most.

He tells her to close her eyes and give up the ghost for him. Bonnie wakes up after hurting Damon and he tells her to catch him if she can.

Caroline is still there and tells Stefan that he is right. She is in the same situation that he was in. Caroline says that now that she is experiencing it it makes her even more furious that he didn't involve her in his decision. Stefan tells her he visited the house and saw Caroline, Alaric and the kids being happy.

He said he didn't see him there. So, he convinced himself he was doing right by her. He apologizes and says she has every right to hate him for what he did.

Stefan tells her not to pretend that she would act differently. Stefan says Caroline loves Bonnie too much to respect her decision. Stefan says he loves Caroline and the thought of her being hurt is why he can't stay away.

Caroline tells him that she hurt him more than anyone ever has after leaving her. Stefan says all he can do is say sorry and hope she forgives him, however, Caroline says she doesn't think she can.

The phone rings and it's Bonnie who tells her that she can see her and feel her. Caroline says that it's okay, because Bonnie is alive but Bonnie says she will find her and kill her and asks that she doesn't let it come to that.

Caroline tells Stefan it's okay and they have to run.

Damon calls Bonnie and she definitely hates him. She is gathering weapons as she talks to him on the phone. She says deep down there is a part of him that meant what he said on the porch.

Bonnie says the only reason he saved her was because of Elena. Matt tries to stop Bonnie from going after the rest of his friends but she is resistant.

Bonnie asks him to help her but Matt says he refuses to believe that the girl who bought him his first football when he was nine could do this. Bonnie asks him to keep her human and he agrees.

Bonnie says the one condition is that she needs to kill Damon, the vampire who killed Matt's sister. Matt agrees and now there are two hunters on the loose.

Bonnie catches up with Damon and tells him about her and Matt's plans to kill him. Bonnie attacks him as he taunts her. Damon says he doesn't have to run from her because she won't kill him.

She then tells Damon of all of the ways she is going to make him hurt. Bonnie attacks Damon and he runs off.

Caroline gets off the phone with her kids and is very emotional. Her daughters ask when she is coming back but Caroline tells them Alaric will tell them. Alaric tells the girls to go to bed and asks Caroline to come home so they can figure everything out together.

Caroline knows that is not the option and asks Alaric to stop being so supportive. She says she should have left when she got the chance.

Alaric tells her to keep moving and that he loves her. Caroline says she knows.

Bonnie continues to hunt down Damon and finally gets him where she wants him. She puts a beatdown on him and Bonnie asks if he is giving up. Damon says she is walking into his trap. It's Bonnie's grave and Damon is trying to prove that Bonnie is a survivor.

She attacks but Damon is able to subdue her he says the Bonnie he knows may be gone but he still cares about her. He begs her to stop but she doesn't.

He tells her to look at the stone because they all mourned her when she died.

He says that he envy's Bonnie every time she comes back. He tells her that he admires her, believes in her and loves her the same way Elena did. He says if Bonnie kills him it's not her fault it is his, however, he asks her to forgive him before she does what she has to do.

Bonnie attempts to kill him but Damon is saved by Matt. Damon tells Matt he is a good shot and Matt says they have eight hours before Bonnie goes after him again.

Matt says that he did it for Bonnie and that he would never forgive himself if he let her kill Damon, knowing that it's not what she wanted to do. Matt tells Damon to figure out a way to fix Bonnie. Stefan and Caroline are on their way to Maine.

When Stefan asks her where to next, Caroline says she will figure it out when she has to.

Stefan tells her she needs to make a decision but not where she is going next, he wants to know if she loves Alaric.

Caroline says she doesn't know. She tells Stefan not to ask her about her and Alaric anymore. Matt is driving Bonnie away and she attacks him. She gets the upper-hand and turns the vehicle around. Enzo joins Damon who tells him he wasn't able to save Bonnie.

However, Enzo provided a lead he got from the Shaman. Enzo says he may or may not have a way to help Bonnie. Elsewhere, bodies line the floor of the Armory.

Enzo tells Damon they need to sever Bonnie's link to the Everlasting, however, the Everlasting resides in the Armory. Damon says they are going to open the place back up.

"Requiem for a Dream" is one of the best episodes so far in season seven of CWTV's The Vampire Diaries. It's a twist we didn't expect in the episode prior to this one and it's honestly pretty intense to witness Bonnie in that manner.

The team has a lot to be worried about especially going back into the Armory. Fans who can't get enough can head over to The CWTV main page for updates and extras.

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