'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Postcards From the Edge' Season 7 Episode 12, Rayna Emerges

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Last week CWTV's The Vampire Diaries was shaken up when Damon burned Elena's body. In "Postcards From the Edge," episode 12 of season 7, Damon gets into even deeper trouble courtesy of Julian.

Julian assumes control of Damon forcing him to tap into his darkest side. Caroline enlists the help of Valerie when she suffers from side effects due to her pregnancy. Fans will finally get to see the new threat that has emerged named Rayna.

She is likely the major source of the future torment that Damon and the rest of the team is facing. An unlikely team of Bonnie, Nora and Mary Louise is tasked with hunting Rayna, who happens to be a vampire hunter.

Stefan is tasked with trying to get his brother in check.

The episode kicks off with Damon laying in the middle of the road and is almost ran over by a car. The car being driven by a innocent man named Cooper, stops and Damon makes Cooper tell him the worst thing he has ever done. Damon tells Cooper he can use a ride and on the way he continues to tell his story about being in the stone and life after it.

Then, Damon says he is going to kill Cooper and attacks him. He dumps the body out of the car and speeds off.

Caroline is writing to Elena, who she doesn't yet know is never coming back thanks to Damon. Stefan comes in with all sorts of foods and she can't get to them soon enough. Caroline tells him that she loves him and that when she finishes eating she will help him find his brother.

However, something happens. The twins started kicking but it seemed like much more. She tries to stand up and then slowly collapses to the ground and Stefan is clearly worried.

Matt manages to get himself out of jail with a story about confiscating the weapons from a group of people while in Mystic Falls. Penny lets him out and tells him that she didn't book him but she also tells him that the fire risk zone in Mystic Falls is being reevaluated.

Elsewhere, Julian is playing around with his friends when Valerie kills his fun. She presents him with the mark of Rayna and suddenly he looks scared.

Bonnie and Nora are trying to track down Rayna when Mary Louise comes in and shows them her invitation. Mary Louise learns that Rayna is in Cincinnati and Bonnie is insistent on going. Nora stands up for Bonnie and she is on her way on a new mission.

Julian is burning the letter as Valerie mocks him. Before Julian can have one of his men kill Valerie, Damon beheads the henchman and Julian then threatens Damon. Damon mocks the threats and tells Julian to bring it on.

At the hospital the doctor tells Stefan that Caroline is okay but she seems to be fine and so are the twins. The doctor says it's best to keep the father in the loop and asks if Stefan wanted her to call. He says that Alaric is at a job interview and that he will let him know.

When he goes in to see Caroline, they are both surprised to find that he hand is desiccating. Julian and Damon square off and when Damon doesn't seem too scared, Julian asks Damon who he lost.

Julian asks how Elena is and Damon admits that he burned her alive. Julian says that the two of them should have fun.

Mary Louise is annoyed at how Nora has adapted to the modern day life. Nora and Bonnie are getting along and it's rubbing Mary Louise the wrong way. Valerie visits Caroline at the hospital and she doesn't like what she sees. She does a spell and learns that the babies are siphons.

She says that the babies are siphoning the vampire out of her. Bonnie, Mary Louise and Nora arrive at the insane asylum to see Rayna and have to sneak their way in with magic.

The arrive at a room and an elderly woman is laying on the bed. Bonnie doesn't think Rayna looks like a threat but Mary Louise and Nora have a scared look on their faces.

Julian brings Damon to what looks like an underground fight club. Julian has set up a cynical way for Mystic Falls homeowners to battle it out for their residents. Damon seems intrigued by what he says and Julian tells him the only true relief comes from more brutality. Damon watches a mans heart get ripped out in front of him and Julian says is he really wants to feel pain he should get in the ring. Matt arrives at the residence Penny gave him the heads up on and walks in.

He asks if anyone is home then calls out for Doug. He finds Doug with a gaping wound in his neck and Penny walks in right behind him.

She asks Matt what is going on and they are attacked by a vampire.

Penny shoots and is surprised when the vampire doesn't go down. Matt shoots and tells Penny that if she is going to survive in Mystic Falls, she is going to need wooden bullets.

Valerie gives Caroline a talisman filled with magic in hopes that it well draw the siphoning. Caroline and Valerie share a moment and she thanks Valerie for everything she is doing. Valerie leaves to tel Stefan what is going on and then tells him that she ran into Damon.

She says Damon looks like he had a bit of a death wish to her. Meanwhile, Damon is busy ripping hearts out in the ring and gaining the admiration of a waitress.

Mary Louise, Nora and Bonnie visit the elderly lady, however, the woman doesn't appear to be Rayna. Mary Louise doesn't want to risk it and wants to kill the lady. However, Bonnie and Nora are against it and Mary Louise leaves to go look for Rayna who could still be around.

Bonnie tells Nora to go along with Mary Louise because she is clearly using her to make Mary Louise and she doesn't want to be in the middle of it anymore. Damon faces the undefeated opponent but when he has to use a weapon to win, Julian is upset.

Damon says he wants to fight someone else and Julian says if he wants to fight someone, he will be the opponent.

Stefan comes in to try to stop Damon but Damon doesn't listen and enters the ring with Julian. Valerie brings Caroline some food and entertainment.

Caroline asks for Stefan but when Valerie tells her what Stefan is doing, Caroline freaks out and orders her to go make sure that Stefan is alright.

Stefan is trying to stop Damon from going into the ring and begs him to tell him what he did. However, Julian has Stefan escorted out.

Bonnie brings the elderly woman the cookie she wanted and finds out that she actually is Rayna. Rayna asks for help with the cookie but then tries to strangle Bonnie. Bonnie tries a spell but her magic doesn't work on Rayna. Then, out of nowhere, Enzo returns and throws a knife into the neck of Rayna.

He tells Bonnie that for the time being he is her guardian angel. Damon and Julian are squaring off and Julian has an upper-hand.

He tells Damon that he never had a brother and it looks like he dodged the bullet.

Damon tells Julian that it's why he has to surround himself with the bloodsuckers.

Julian puts a super beatdown on Damon and when Damon looks for his brother, Julian says Stefan isn't coming and if he did, he wouldn't be able to forgive him for what he did to Elena.

Damon tells Julian to rip his heart out and just before he does, Valerie uses her magic to weaken him and Stefan comes in with a big punch to knock him down. Stefan tells his brother that if he let Julian rip his heart out then his life wouldn't have meant anything either.

Damon takes his brother's hand and Valerie lifts the spell.

Julian tells his crew if the three comes back, kill them. Enzo tells her that Matt had him locked up and then suggested a cloaking spell to get the body out of the room.

The scene changes to Bonnie recounting her story with Mary Louise and Nora as she walked them back to the room. When they arrive the body is gone and Bonnie calls Enzo a lying little weasel. Stefan continues to push his brother for more information about what happened.

Damon doesn't let on at first but when Stefan says that Damon was going to turn his humanity off, Damon says he wants to feel his pain. He admits to killing Elena and then dares Stefan to say that he will always be by his side.

Stefan is enraged and lands a few big punches on Damon but stops pushes his brother and walks away.

Stefan enters his car and is overcome with emotion. He starts freaking out in anger and hitting the steering wheel. Valerie enters and he says they should probably get back to the hospital. Valerie offers to drive but Stefan says he is fine. He blames everything that has happened on Julian.

He seems regretful of letting Julian live and says he doesn't want to be the smart one anymore. Stefan wants Julian dead. Matt and Penny are drinking to process what Penny just learned.

She now realizes what the weapons in his truck were for and tells Matt that he is crazy for still staying.

He tells her a brief history of his life and says he wants to stand for something. Penny and Matt seem to be hitting it off and she tells him he is insanely brave.

Mary Louise walks in to find Nora drinking at the bar. She wanted to thank Nora and tells her that they make a great team. Mary Louise sits down and asks Nora if she likes Bonnie.

Nora tries to make her a bit more jealous. However, Mary Louise apologizes for choosing Julian and says that if she could do it all over again, she would choose Nora every time and tells her she loves her.

Before she leaves, Nora says they did make a good team and invites them over.

Caroline is trying to have a conversation with the twins but something goes wrong and her desiccation starts again. She calls for Stefan but he isn't there. Stefan returned to Julian and attacks him by sticking a fork in his hand. It's revealed that Stefan and Valerie are cloaked and that Julian's friends can't see them.

With Valerie's help, Stefan is able to stake Julian taking him out. Damon's waitress admirer who help him with the weapon visits him and tells him he never said thank you.

She has brought a bottle of tequila for him and the two started kissing passionately. Looks like Damon is moving on.

Meanwhile, we find out that Enzo was the one who sent the postcards to every one of the heretics so that they can lead him to Rayna. He then, torches the body and what emerges is a younger more recognizable version of Rayna. She doesn't seem to be happy being held in the chamber.

In a fast forward, Stefan arrives at the station and is surprised when he sees Matt. Matt tells him a few lies and takes out Stefan with a shot of vervain.

He looks into the security camera and says not that it's done he never has to see someone again. That someone is Rayna, who is looking over a captured Damon.

"Postcards From the Edge" continues that emotional brother battled between Stefan and Damon in The Vampire Diaries. Damon is really struggling and it shows through Ian Somerhalder's commitment to the character.

Rayna also doesn't look like she will be making their lives any easier either. Fans who can't get enough can head over to The CWTV main page for updates and extras.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.