'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Moonlight on the Bayou' Season 7 Episode 14, Stefan in New Orleans

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This week there is a special treat for fans of CWTV's The Vampire Diaries.

In "Moonlight on the Bayou," episode 14 of season seven, Stefan travels to New Orleans to escape Rayna's wrath as part of a TVD and The Originals crossover event.

Stefan is running for his life to escape Rayna who has no choice but to chase him after an unsuccessful attempt to kill him. So, Stefan finds himself in New Orleans with Klaus Mikaelson, who has his reserves when it comes to Stefan's visit.

Enzo who clearly has a lot to make up for decides to let Damon and Bonnie in on a plan that could help Stefan escape the wrath of Rayna.

Elsewhere, Alaric is trying to ensure the safety of his twins and decides to head out to Dallas.

In a twist, Caroline decides that she wants to go with Alaric and the twins who she feels a strong bond to after carry them inside of her.

The episode begins in the future New Orleans an Caroline brings Josie and Elizabeth to a bar where Sylvia is working. She says the bar is closed and when Caroline asks for Klaus Sylvia says he is gone and that no one has seen or heard of him in years. In present day, Valerie is trying to find a place for Stefan to be safe.

He tells her he stopped at a quickie mart to buy a charger for his phone and Valerie tells him it's a mistake.

When Stefan gets cut off he goes inside to buy a battery for his phone however, the process is interrupted by Rayna who comes in and throws the sword at him.

He jumps in his car after the near death experience and takes off.

Bonnie tells Damon that Valerie told her she lost cell connection with Stefan as they meet Enzo in an armory. Damon and Bonnie want to know why they are there and Enzo says that the vampires have recruited Damon to find Rayna. He says that the armory kidnapped him months ago to ask for his help. In a flashback, Enzo meets with one of the members who has information on his family.

He says he has been working for the armory ever since. He says all they have to do is take out Rayna and everyone can get on with their lives.

Damon says he needs to discuss it with his council. Bonnie says she is in and there the hunt begins.

Alaric breaks the news to Caroline that he is moving to Dallas that day and Caroline doesn't seem happy. She tells him that Rayna is far away but Alaric tells her that it's about a promise he made to Josie. He says he hired a nurse but Caroline tells him she wants to tag along.

She says she can either sit there freaking out worrying about Stefan or she can be useful to Alaric.

Stefan stops to change the bandage on his wound and he actually finds himself in a bar out in New Orleans.

He sits down at the bar and out of nowhere, Klaus slides him a drink and says "welcome to New Orleans old friend."

Stefan looks surprise to see Klaus and Klaus feels the same. Stefan tells him he is just in town for a little R&R. He asks for Elijah and the rest of the Mikaelsons and Klaus says there is never a dull moment. Klaus' phone begins ringing but he doesn't answer.

Klaus is surprised that Stefan found himself in a bar where he can't be track. Klaus asks Sylvia to keep Stefan's cup full and tells Stefan it was noble of him to sacrifice himself for everyone.

Then Klaus asks how Caroline is doing.

Matt tells Caroline that he can't find Stefan and no one can locate him. Then, Valerie comes in and tells Matt she knows where he is. They have a little exchange where he reminds her that she killed all of the sheriffs and she reminds him that she saved Caroline and is fighting to keep Stefan alive. Matt wises up pretty soon and agrees to help track Rayna.

Nora and Mary Louise are in a quickie mart shopping for junk food and Nora presents her with a Ring Pop. Mary Louise says there is no one she would rather spend her life with but their happiness is interrupted by members of Enzo's new alliance.

They are both staked and bagged up.

Damon and Valerie are catching up and when he mentions that he is working with the Armory, Valerie tells him to get out of there. He tells her he doesn't have much of a choice. She reveals that the Armory is just using them all to get Rayna locked up and that they will take them out after it's done. She says if he wants to help Stefan he should keep his mouth shut.

Bonnie finds out a little more about Enzo's past. However, there is still much he can learn from the Armory.

Damon comes in and tells Bonnie that they have to leave and Enzo tries to stop him.

Damon realizes that Enzo is not on the right side but before he and Bonnie could leave, he is injected with vervain. Then, Enzo knocks out Bonnie.

Damon wakes up and sees Tyler next to him. Tyler is unconscious and Enzo reveals that Matt was the mastermind behind enlisting the Armory for help. Enzo leaves Damon in the room with Tyler and it's a full moon.

He says that he would let him go if he gave up Stefan's location but Damon seems to be following Valerie's instructions to keep his mouth shut and will now be in for a fight with Tyler. Bonnie wakes up and Enzo tells her that Damon put Tyler in a coma.

He offers her ice but she smacks the ice out of his hand and he tells her that he locked Damon in a room with Tyler on a full moon.

Bonnie tries to use magic to attack Enzo but it doesn't work because Enzo injected her with something from the Armory.

The full moon is upon the Armory and Damon is trying to get out of the room before Tyler wolfs out. Tyler wakes up and when he sees Damon he is pretty surprised. Damon jokes and says he hopes he didn't wake him.

Tyler asks what is going on and Damon tells him he is going to get his sweet revenge on him. Caroline and Alaric are finally getting some quiet time but the twins start crying.

Alaric takes Lizzie and Caroline is left to try and calm Josie.

Tyler is surprised that Damon hasn't killed him yet but Damon says now that he knows Elena is alive Tyler is no longer a problem. He injects Tyler but it doesn't work, Tyler wakes up and it looks like go time. Bonnie is trying to convince Enzo to open the door and he tells her that her first instinct was always to help Damon and that's what he wants.

She clobbers him with a weapon and uses his own gun to inject him with vervain. Then Bonnie takes off to find Damon who is on the phone with Stefan and asks him to get some hybrid blood from Klaus so that he could heal if Tyler goes on the attack.

Stefan tells him he'll see what he can do.

He also fills Klaus in on Caroline's mythical pregnancy. Klaus asks him why he isn't with Caroline if he cares for her so. Stefan says there is a family issue and asks Klaus for some blood. Klaus notices Stefan's wound and he is immediately angry at Stefan for putting his family in jeopardy.

He tells him that Rayna will find him no matter what. He denies Stefan refuge and his blood for lying to his face.

He screams at Stefan to get out and now Stefan is all alone. However, he left his phone behind and it begins ringing. It's Caroline and he picks up and says "hello love."

Caroline asks who it is and Klaus asks her if it has really been that long. He hears the sound of Josie crying and tells her to try picking the baby up. She does and Josie stops crying then Klaus makes jokes about baby hand-me-downs. Caroline tells him she didn't call him, she called Stefan.

She tells him to stop gloating in the face of her misery and he tells her that Stefan will be fine because he will ensure it. Klaus the strikes up a conversation about her future which she says wasn't in hers at the time she got pregnant.

He tells her that his family is what makes him happy and it's not a crime to love what you can't explain.

He tells Caroline that he was sorry to hear about her mother and that he is sure she would have been happy to see what she has brought into the world. Josie stops crying and Klaus says goodbye.

Tyler is getting ready to rip Damon apart and Bonnie comes to help but is really no use at that point. Damon tells her to think quick and she goes into the room where Enzo seems to be out of commission. She tells him that he will find out she makes a better enemy than friend and takes a axe to him. Stefan calls Valerie and she is relieved to hear his voice.

Stefan tells her that Damon needs his help and she tells him to worry about his self and go back. Matt finds out that Rayna is traveling on the same road that Stefan is traveling on and he tells Valerie that he will call her back.

Stefan is speeding along but hits some serious road spikes.

He hopes out and begins checking the car. He is attacked by Rayna who puts some arrows in him. She tries to kill him but he puts up enough of a fight so that Klaus can save him. Stefan says they need to grab her while she is out, however, Klaus tells him that he is trespassing on werewolf territory and asks him to follow him. Damon is trying to protect himself against Tyler who tells him that he will always be in danger and that his friends will always end up risking their life to save him. Bonnie comes back but Damon tells her not to open the door,.

He says it's his mess and when Tyler goes on the attack she opens the door. Bonnie tries to save Damon and Tyler ends up hurting Bonnie. Damon tells him to leave or he will kill him and Tyler takes off.

Damon tries to save Bonnie with his blood but she doesn't seem to be healing. He picks her up and carries her out of the Armory.

Enzo is laying in the room he was holding Damon and Tyler. Alex, the leader of the Armory comes in and Enzo says this is the last time he will be helping them. He tells her that he was helping them for four months and it brought him nothing.

Alex reveals that Enzo's father founded the Armory and that is where he belongs. Alex reveals that her last name is St. John and that she is his family.

Caroline and Alaric finally have time to discuss their nurses and she says she guess her work there is done. Caroline says she thinks she will stay the night if it's okay with him. He tells her she can stay as long as she wants and they have a slight moment. Damon is watching over Bonnie in a hospital bed trying to get her to wake up.

He says once the magic is back in her, he will give her his blood and heal him. He tells her that she is a terrible friend because he would have to go through years of guilt if she had died.

He tells her that she is not suppose to die for him and neither is his brother.

However, no matter how hard he tries to drill it into their skulls, they aren't going to stop trying. He says he will take himself out of the equation and after tomorrow she won't have to worry about him again.

Stefan tells Klaus to drop him off at a train station and Klaus asks him if he still loves Caroline. Stefan asks him if he still has feelings for Klaus and he says no.

Klaus believes that Stefan was protecting Caroline but he reveals he was protecting Damon.

Klaus tells him to let Caroline go or else he will always have to be giving up his happiness.

He also tells Stefan that he isn't going home, instead, he is going to see a witch that could help him with his Rayna Cruz problem.

"Moonlight on the Bayou" was the perfect introduction to the two-hour crossover event between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

Stefan has found himself in one of the most difficult situations and now that the twins are safe the team really has to concentrate on taking out one of the most dangerous threats they have ever faced.

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