'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Live Through This' Season 7 Episode 5, Valerie Comes Clean

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The relationship between Stefan and Caroline may be short-lived thanks to Valerie on CWTV's The Vampire Diaries. In "Live Through This" episode five of season seven, Stefan learns why Valerie didn't make it back to him as she promised.

Damon is making an effort to live his life the way Elena would want him to but rising up from his guilt. Lily is awaiting the arrival of her former and maybe present love, Julian.

Stefan is forced to spend time with Valerie who tells him the real reason she didn't return to him and Caroline is left wondering how their meeting is going.

Bonnie is upset when she finds out new details about the Phoenix stone and rushes to Alaric to ask him about it.

It's pretty intense in the beginning as Bonnie sits in an apparent AA meeting. Then she goes back to a room where Enzo is waiting and he says things are bad out there and that he can stay away forever.

She rushes up to him and kisses him passionately.

In present day Bonnie goes to see how Jo is doing and tells Alaric that she needs the Phoenix stone to analyze it and make sure what she did has no repercussions.

When Bonnie leaves, Jo wakes up and tells Alaric she is starving.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Caroline are in bed together and they couldn't look happier. Damon barges in and breaks up the happiness. Stefan asks why he is barging into his girlfriends room and Damon says everything is going well for the first time so he is turning over a new life.

Damon says that he and Stefan are going to interrogate Valerie, without knowing who she was.

Just then, Caroline snaps around and Damon finally realizes who they are talking about. Caroline says she thinks it would be a good opportunity for Stefan and Valerie to talk and tells them to have fun.

Lily and Enzo are discussing the arrival of her new guest, Julian. Lily tells Enzo that it's a good thing and that he and Julian should get along. Mary Louise and Nora realize that there is something wrong with Oscar. He isn't acting himself. Enzo volunteers to keep an eye on him while Lily and the girls go out to meet Julian.

Enzo calls Valerie to find out if she has tracked Julian down but she simply hasn't as yet. When she loses signal, she is halted to a stop by Damon who is waiting for her in the middle of the road. He asks her why she killed Oscar and framed him for the murder.

Damon threatens to call Lily unless Valerie gives up information.

She thinks she has the upper hand when she uses magic on Damon, however, the second Stefan comes into the picture she is surprised. Stefan asks her to stop torturing Damon and tell them what's going on.

Caroline is keeping herself busy when Bonnie walks in and asks her if it's safe to come in. Caroline says she sent her boyfriend to spend time with his first love. She did it to see if they can work things out and clear all of their drama away. Caroline and Bonnie decide that they are going to go on their own mission.

Stefan is driving a car with Damon and Valerie and he is being typical Damon. He is asking the details of how they met and Damon mocked Stefan for his diary entries.

Stefan knows that it was all a game and Valerie was spying for Lily. Lily says she wants out of the car if they won't help her stop Julian from coming to Mystic Falls.

Jo has a huge appetite but she doesn't seem to have her memories. She isn't the same Jo that Alaric remembers except for one detail, she still has the urge to help someone who is hurt. Caroline is still studying for exams and she's on the phone with Stefan. He wants to take her to dinner and Damon tells her not to worry, he is making sure no flames are being rekindled.

Stefan is going to pick up Caroline at 8PM and she tells him she likes daisies. Valerie overhears the conversation but moves on to telling Damon they need to stop Julian.

He thinks Julian is still alive but he has been dead since the early 1900's.

Bonnie greets Enzo at the mansion and he is giving her a hard time about being in the middle of Damon and Elena's happiness. She brings up him slipping at the feet of of Lily and he tries to kick her out. However, they hear a scream and find Oscar snacking on the maid. They save her and Oscar seems to know Bonnie for getting him out of the Phoenix stone.

Stefan and Valerie are bickering while Damon has a hard time opening the door to the suspected hiding place of Julian. They show up at a casket emporium and hey have to check all of them until they find him.

Valerie says that Lily needs the Phoenix stone to bring Julian back.

She also reveals that when they brought Jo back, they really released one of the souls from the stone and crammed it into Oscars body. Which also means that Jo is not actually Jo.

Damon calls Bonnie to find out what's going on with Jo. He then reveals that they actually shoved an ancient soul into Jo's body. He tells Bonnie to cut he conversation with Enzo and keep the stone safe.

Enzo asks Bonnie to leave the stone with him and when she tries to leave she is attacked by Oscar.

The soul from the stone doesn't want to go back and Enzo actually saves Bonnie. Bonnie tells Enzo to run after Oscar finds out he also has mystical powers and Enzo grabs the stone before taking off.

Alaric has to break the news to Jo about what happened to her at the hands of Kai. He tells her he will explain everything to her when she is feeling better. She fights him and asks why she won't tell him.

Alaric tries to explain that it was the worst thing that has happened to them.

Jo insists that she was stabbed in the heart but Alaric tells her that's not how it happened. She panics, turns a gun on Alaric and leaves the house.

Stefan is trying to find out why Valerie put the spell on Caroline but just then, the come across the coffin holding Julian's body. Damon says he doesn't look dead to him. Valerie spits on the body and douses it with gasoline. She tries to light it on fire but she can't because Mary Louise and Nora are actually there. They call Lily and Beau over and it looks like Valerie is caught red-handed.

Lily had been on to Valerie the entire time and she asks him why she did this. Lily things Valerie is telling lies but Stefan and Damon seem to believe everything they have heard about Julian. They ask who he is to Lily and she says he is the love of her life, the man who makes her better.

Valerie tells the Stefan and Damon that Lily gave Kai the power to cast that spell over Elena and Bonnie. Damon attacks Lily but Beau fights him off.

Bonnie is forced to admit to Enzo that the stone is holding trapped souls. Oscar traps Bonnie and asks for the stone but she tells him that Enzo has it. Bonnie walks out while Enzo is left to face Oscar. Stefan is trying to calm his brother down after they were all attacked.

Damon is livid after finding out that their own mother destroyed their lives but Stefan insists that they need to keep a leveled head about the situation. Meanwhile, Oscar is laying the beatdown on Enzo.

Enzo use the stone as a distraction and stabs Oscar killing him and taking the stone.

Stefan saves Valerie's life. She said she knows how deeply he hates her. He says he never hated her he just wanted the truth. She said the first truth wasn't the real one. She tells him that she was going back to him but Julian caught her.

She says Julian saw her as a distraction. Valerie breaks the news that she was pregnant and Stefan's entire persona changed.

She reveals that Julian beat her causing her to have a miscarriage. She apologizes to Stefan who looks like he could kill Julian in that moment.

Enzo and Lily are talking about the stone and he is asking her why Valerie would give up so much and betray her family to keep Julian at bay. Lily realizes that Enzo is asking her to choose between him and Julian. She chooses Julian and asks Enzo to please understand.

He hands her the stone and walks out on her. It's possible that this is where the romance between Bonnie and Enzo begins, unless viewers are being taken of a weird ride.

Bonnie is sitting at the bar drinking Bourbon and she calls Alaric. She asks if he is with her and he tells her what happen. He tells Alaric that it's not Jo they made a mistake. She tells him that Jo was never in the stone and that she put someone else in her body.

Bonnie apologizes but Alaric finds Jo and tells her he has to go. Alaric walks up to Jo and tells her she just wants to talk.

She says that she doesn't know how to use the gun and nothing in the world is familiar.

He says that she is not his wife and she says she doesn't think so. He asks her to take his hand and leads her down the road.

Stefan missed his date with Caroline and he promises that he will make the night up to her. She asks him if there is anything else monumental that she needs to know about and Stefan lies. He approaches Valerie who tells him he didn't say a word the whole way back. He says he was angry that he didn't know, he is sad that something he could have had was taken away from him, he wants to kill Julian and he is sorry she had to go through it alone. Valerie relieves how she became a vampire and she says it's funny how one event can change the entire outcome of her life.

She begs Stefan not to tell anyone. Valerie asks him if he would have wanted a child and he says yes.

He tells Valerie to stay the night but she thinks she should run. Stefan says that Damon won't let Lily get far away from the stone.

Meanwhile Lily and the rest of her heretics are trying to bring Julian back to life. Damon plans on having Julian returned to life so that he can take him away from Lily so she can feel the pain they all felt.

Lily and her Heretics succeed and Julian is back.

Damon asks Bonnie to tell him he's not doing right by Elena but she does the opposite and the two toast to a future plan that involves Julian's death and Lily's downfall.

"Live Through This" was a pretty emotional episode for Stefan. However, it feels like Steroline is going to be facing challenges far too early into their relationship.

Caroline may be facing yet another devastating event in her life if she loses her boyfriend.

Fans who can't get enough will have to tune in next week to see what The CW hit has in store or head over to the shows main page.

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