'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Kill Em All' Season 7 Episode 20, Race to Save Bonnie

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It looks like everyone has returned to CWTV's The Vampire Diaries in order to save Bonnie's life.

In "Kill 'Em All" the teams are broken up into pairs as Bonnie's life is on the line. Everyone comes together so that they don't lose yet another friend.

Damon and Enzo team up and together dish out a series of instructions to the rest of their friends in order to help save Bonnie before she falls victim to her condition.

Stefan is forced to teams up with Matt who also set up his death.

During their mission, Stefan gets to the bottom of Matt's hatred towards him and why Matt would want him dead. From what we saw in previous episodes, it might have a lot to do with the death of Penny.

Caroline is back in action once again and she is teamed up with Alaric, together they embark on their own sub-mission in order to save their friend.

However, when she jumps back into the supernatural life, Caroline finds herself missing all of the action.

The episode kicks off as Bonnie is washing her face in the bathroom and sees the scabs are getting worst. She tries to compose herself while asking to see Virginia at the hospital.

Bonnie tells Virginia she needs answers because Alex is hellbent on opening it. Virginia says she has had the same questions since her great grandfather was able to open it.

In a flashback, a younger version of her grandfather is exploring the crypt when something goes wrong. Bonnie says it's not who or what, it's what it does to you. Her grandfather comes out and says he is just fine.

Virginia narrates and tells Bonnie that it eats away at his. It turned him into a murdered as he walks by two dead bodies hanging and he is whistling.

Virginia says her grandfather was only in there for a short period of time but her sister has been trapped in there for years. She makes Bonnie promise her she won't open the vault.

Elsewhere, Enzo and Damon are taking care of some vampires for Rayna when Stefan calls.

Stefan has been dropping bodies just like Damon and Enzo. He asks who is next and Damon says he is teaming him up with Matt.

Stefan tries to poke a shot at him but Damon says he can live with Bonnie hating him as long as she lives. Matt shows up and tells Stefan he is driving.

Caroline and Alaric are arguing over her going with him to help kill vampires on the list. Alaric tells her that it's too dangerous but she pushes and gets her way.

Bonnie walks in on Rayna burning the papers of the names of vampires that have died so far.

Bonnie says she still doesn't understand why Rayna is doing this. However, Rayna reveals that she had love and happiness the first time but it was taken away from her.

After that, she has spent her time longing for it and now she doesn't want to be on the Earth anymore.

Rayna wants peace but that may be short-lived because Bonnie's powers come back and now, the Armory will be after them.

In the car ride Stefan pokes at Matt so that he can tell him why he wanted him dead. In a flashback two years ago, Penny walk in on Matt who puts his laptop away pretty quickly.

She badgers him to let her see his laptop thinking that he was watching dirty movies. He was looking up how to propose to her and she says yes before he can ask.

He presents her with the ring and Penny says it's a total home run, however, he can't afford the ring on a deputy salary. Matt tells her that he was promoted to sergeant and they seem extremely happy.

Matt says when he gets home their wedding invitations were sitting on the doorstep.

Matt says he heard it was a car accident, Penny lost control and hit a tree, however, Matt also says Stefan and him knows the real cause.

Damon is taking out another vampire when Bonnie calls him frantic because her power is back and the Armory should be on her tail. Damon tells her to calm down and that she has died three times already.

Bonnie actually tells him thank you and that she forgives him.

However, Damon says she is only saying that because she doesn't think they can pull it off, he tells her that he won't accept her forgiveness until she is safe.

Meanwhile, Rayna is drawing blood so that Bonnie can inject it into herself and stay hidden from the Armory. Rayna is reluctant because it will only make Bonnie worst but she injects it anyway.

Alex is wandering the halls towards the door of the vault where he sister calls out to her from the other side. Alex promises to get her out.

Caroline briefs Alaric on the vampires that they are after and Caroline says there is nothing wrong with what they are doing. Alaric tells her it's okay to talk about Stefan if she wants to but Caroline says she didn't have anything to say to him then and she still doesn't.

Damon calls Rayna who tells him that Bonnie took his blood. Enzo overhears what Rayna said and grabs the phone from Damon.

He demands that Rayna put her on the phone and tells Bonnie that she is shortening the time they have to save her. Bonnie tells him to come home because whatever time she has left she wants to spend it with her.

Enzo flips out after the phone call and Damon tells him he knows where Enzo is.

Damon says it's not about him, his fears or his anger. Damon says Bonnie doesn't have the luxury of time and tells him to go to her.

Damon says Bonnie doesn't have much time and she doesn't want Enzo to give up. Damon calls Alex later on and tells her that if she takes out the remaining vampires on the list, he will deliver Bonnie to her.

Matt and Stefan are doing some recon and Stefan asks him why he thinks Penny's death wasn't a car accident. Matt says little things didn't add up.

He says everyone thought he was obsessed because he wouldn't let it go. He said the attacks was made to look like an animal attack. He says the only vampire left in Mystic Falls when she died was him.

Stefan says he was there because it was the anniversary of the Sheriff's death. He thought Caroline would be there but she wasn't.

He asks Matt if he really thinks he would hurt Penny but Matt is attacked by their target and Stefan has to pull the vampire off of him. The vampire then turns his attention to Stefan.

After tossing Stefan aside, the vampire tries to kill Matt but Stefan drives his head into a power saw and kills him. He extends his hand to help Matt and Matt takes it and thanks him.

Matt and Caroline go after two vampires and take out one as the other gets away.

They take off after her but she has already been killed by a group of men. Alaric says he supposes he should thank them but the guys tell him that both he and Caroline have to come with them.

Bonnie and Enzo are enjoying what could be their last moments together when Rayna stumbles in and drops the wood she was carrying.

She has visions that show all of the vampires on her list being killed. Rayna turns to Bonnie and Enzo and tells him they are killing them.

Damon calls Stefan and tells him he doesn't have to kill anyone anymore. Stefan says he still isn't completely forgiven for what he put him through, but he does like to see all of the good he is doing.

He tells him to keep it up. Stefan gets off the phone and tells Matt they are all done but Matt says they aren't.

He tells Stefan that he checked the dash cam footage from the night Penny was killed and Stefan compelled him to think it was all an accident. In present day, Matt raises his gun at Stefan and demands the truth.

Damon returns to the cabin and Bonnie is not happy when she finds out what Damon did to try to save her.

Damon says all she has to do is open the vault. Bonnie says whatever is in there is dangerous and she won't open it.

Damon is frantically trying to convince her.

Alex calls and Damon tells her that they ran into a bit of a snag.

Alex tells him to put Bonnie on the phone and Alex tells her she might want to reconsider helping her because she has Caroline and Alaric.

Back at the Armory, Caroline and Alaric are trying to pass some time while they are captured.

Caroline asks him to tell her that it's all going to be fine however, Alaric isn't so convinced. He says he is praying that whatever it is they want, they get it.

Matt and Stefan are still at a standoff and Stefan was forced to relive a memory when Penny shot him with a stake for being a vampire. Matt tells Stefan that he needs to know the truth and Stefan tells him to remember.

Matt's memories come back to him and it's him walking in the woods and calling for Penny. Someone passes by and he shoots them.

He accidentally shot Penny and when Stefan arrives they try to save her but they are too late. Matt realizes that it was all his fault and breaks down. Stefan tells him he is sorry.

Back at the Armory Bonnie is trying to open the vault as everyone watches on. The door begins to open and Alex thanks her. She tells her that she and her friends are free to go.

Enzo tells Damon that Bonnie will not forgive him for what he did. Damon tells him it would make him feel better if he admitted that he thought about making the same deal.

Damon tells Enzo he did what Enzo couldn't and now Bonnie will hate him. Bonnie comes running up to them telling them to get Caroline and Alaric and get the hell out of there.

Alex is exploring the tunnel calling out for Evette who answers, however, when she approaches the body, her sister is long gone.

Alex asks what have they done to her sister when someone begins to attack them.

Alex and her men rush out but they can't get out of the house, Bonnie is putting a spell on the house to lock the Armory down, trapping Alex and her members.

Matt is outside of the house trying to cope when Stefan walks up to him and tells him he didn't want him to be consumed by one moment that was an accident. Stefan tells him not to blame himself, however, Matt still blames Stefan.

He says Stefan should have just stayed away. He says Stefan ruined his life and Penny's life and asks him whose life he is going to ruin next.

Enzo is with Bonnie and urges her to hang in there. Caroline is making a get well soup but she is thinking about the girls and how they are going to miss their recital.

She doesn't want to leave until Bonnie is okay. Alaric says that she might be sticking around to see Stefan. Caroline says she doesn't want to see Stefan.

However, Alaric says he wants closure and wants to marry her and their little family to work. However, he doesn't want it to work if she loves someone else.

Caroline says that she wants it to work, however, Alaric is also unfulfilled. She says that their family isn't normal but if they are going to be deep in it, she wants to be deep in it with her.

Damon walks Rayna to what he believes is her resting place and she thanks him. Damon brings out the shaman and Bonnie's blood as the ceremony begins.

The shaman calls upon the great spirits to let Rayna's journey end. He asks that another take up her burden and Damon is confused.

Rayna asks him if she thinks she could ever forgive him for the things he has done. Rayna says when Bonnie wakes up she will be just like her. Rayna dies and Bonnie jumps right up. Damon just can't win.

"Kill 'Em All" was definitely one of the most action-packed episodes thus far for CWTV's The Vampire Diaries.

However, there are still a couple of episodes left to see what direction the team takes. Fans who can't get enough can head over to The CWTV main page for updates and extras.

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