'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'I'd Leave My Happy Home For You,' Season 6 Episode 20, Elena's Decision

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With the ultimatum that Damon gave Elena in last weeks episode of "The Vampire Diaries," she has a ton of thinking to do.

This week in "I'd Leave My Happy Home for You," episode 20 of the sixth season, Elena must make an important decision.

The happily engaged couple Alaric and Jo are treated to bachelor and bachelorette parties from their friends who want to share in their bliss. Elena looks to Bonnie and Jo to help her make the decision after Damon's offer that includes the two of them taking the cure for vampirism. Enzo has to turn to his nemesis, Stefan when Lily resumes her role as a ripper and needs someone to help her break the habit.

Matt is openly sick of the supernatural mayhem that has taken place in Mystic Falls and he surprisingly takes it out on his friend Tyler.

Stefan has assumed the role that Caroline had in the beginning of the season when repeatedly left voicemails telling him to come home.

Tonights party begins with Alaric getting some late work done when he receives a call from Jo who is extremely happy to marry him. After he gets off the phone he notices someone lurking in the hallways of Whitmore. A Bag is placed over his face and it looks like an attack is occurring.

Jo is then treated to a surprise bachelorette party filled with the stripping cop all planned by Elena and Bonnie. Alaric's captives are revealed to be Damon and Stefan who planned an even bigger bachelor party for him.

The girls are spending time alone in the diner eating junk food.

When Jo leaves to get ketchup, Bonnie brings up Damon's idea for the two of them to take the cure. Elena apparently freaked out after his words and now she still seems confused about which route she wants to take. At Alaric's huge party, he and Damon are discussing the same topic and Alaric thinks that Damon is writing a check he can't catch.

Damon still hasn't broken the news to Stefan yet and tells Alaric he will eventually. Matt grabs a beer at the party and Tyler stumbles in to enjoy the party alongside his friend.

They're also joined by Enzo who is eagerly trying to find Stefan. Matt has a very poor attitude about everything around him.

Stefan is leaving Caroline a voicemail asking her to come back home and now he knows what it feels like to be on the other end of the situation. He really seems to miss her and says that it's understandable what she's doing but he wants her home. Enzo walks in after the call and makes a joke about how adorable the message was and tells Stefan Lily needs his help.

The only problem Stefan seems to have is how Enzo knows about his mother.

An innocent bystander is walking home when Lily moves in for the attack. Luckily Stefan is there to stop her before she rips the mans head off.

Lily tries to explain herself but Stefan is noticing that she is showing signs of being an addict to blood once again. Stefan begins to mock his mother sarcastically and then describes what it's like to be a ripper.

He catches his mother in a lie and now he's going to help her get over it.

A drunk Matt continues to probe at Tyler because he is on medical leave. Matt picks a fight with Tyler who almost loses his temper and decks him in his face, however he manages to keep his calm.

Stefan breaks the news to Damon that Enzo was turned by their mother and Damon just tells him to lock Lily up and return to the party. When Stefan asks if there is anything else Damon has an awkward reaction and still doesn't tell him that he's going to take the cure.

Enzo tells Damon that he won't go through with taking the cure because he's selfish. He says that no one like Damon would be able to change that much which gets Damon thinking again.

Jo is now fully informed with Damon and Elena's crazy plan and she wants to hear more. Bonnie says that Elena is scared to take the cure because she might not love Damon after taking it. Jo says that that's not possible because your emotions and who you are won't change.

Damon calls Elena from the top of a watch tower and the two do a little flirting. He asks her to come up and bring the fries she's holding.

Lily tells Stefan that she's grieving and needs to go through the phase. Stefan is hellbent on trying to save his mother but not just from doing damage. He wants to save the woman who raised him, the woman who loved him.

Lily tells Stefan that when she looks at him she is reminded of the pathetic woman she was when married to his father. Stefan decides to try and sedate his mother but she realizes it's a trap and takes a bite out of another innocent waitress.

She storms out leaving Stefan with the mess to clean up.

The two lovers Elena and Damon are sitting on the clocktower thinking about being human. When Elena asks him if he meant if when he told her he would take the cure. He says he felt both ways and she is scared that Damon will feel resentful once he takes the cure.

When she asks Damon if he's ready to take the cure, he tells her he wants to show her something and the jump down hand in hand. Alaric approaches Matt who is still binge drinking.

Matt's advice to Alaric is to leave town before it's too late because of all the dangers in Mystic Falls.

Enzo comes in to Stefan's failed attempt and they realize it's just the two of the when it comes to bringing back Lily. He even breaks the news to Stefan that Damon is planning on taking the cure and Stefan is stunned. While in shock Stefan still seems to agree to work with Enzo so they can find Lily. Meanwhile, Lily walks in on Bonnie.

She has a huge grudge with her after she destroyed the ascendant and Bonnie doesn't seem to want to back down. Bonnie is forced to use magic against Lily but when she lets her guard down, Lily stabs her and turns to Jo.

Jo screams that she is pregnant and learns from Lily that she is having twins. Twins is never good for a member of the Gemini coven.

While all of the madness goes on, Damon and Elena are still wound up in each other. Damon revisits Elena's old house and tells her that he has so many fantasies that he would give them all up for one lifetime with her.

It's a beautiful gesture and though Elena wants it, she says for Damon there is no going back.

Damon continues to confess his love for her telling her the cure won't change how he feels about her. Elena opens the vile and drinks the cure.

After she takes the cure Elena's head feels strange and she goes through a ton of memories that involves her first date with Damon. She appears to have collapsed and Damon is carrying her home. She wakes up and tells Damon that she thinks she is okay.

She continues to get an influx of memories of her and Damon. The cure undid the compulsion and prick herself to see if it would heal.

It doesn't heal and though Elena is human she is still madly in love with Damon.

Stefan calls Damon and tells him not to take the cure. He tells Damon that Lily got away and he needs to stay a vampire so they can lock her up. He is interrupted by Lily who snaps his neck and turns her attention to Elena.

She knows Elena is human and just before she attempts to feed on her, Elena smashes the empty vile in her face and runs away.

Damon is not going to be a happy camper when he wakes up. However, is this where Elena meets her end?

Elena continues running for her life but the influx of memories is making it too hard. She tries to bar herself in a storage room but Lily is still stalking her. She makes her way into a vent and covers it up with a shelve. Lily loses track of her but in the diner, Jo is trying to keep Bonnie alive. Elena is home safe ask Stefan learns on a call before confronting Damon about wanting to be human.

Stefan is hurt because Damon didn't tell him about his plans and the two quickly switch gears to helping her mother. They approach her and she says it doesn't matter if she feels better if she's alone and terrified of falling off the edge.

She is an emotional wreck picks up a stake to end her life. Stefan almost meets his end but his brother steps in and sedates Lily.

Alaric rushes in to make sure Jo is okay and she assures him that Bonnie is fine after drinking some of Damon's blood. Jo then breaks the news to Alaric that she is having twins and he immediately thinks about more happiness but Jo is scared that her family will come for their twins.

Alaric says that after the wedding they will disappear far away from where anyone can find them.

Damon comes home to Elena with good news and she gives him a speech about all the memories she learns of the two of them.

She brings up past point where she asked him to take the cure on the island and he walked away from her. She fights him on wanting to take the cure and Damon continues to try admit to wanting to take the cure. At the end of the day Elena tells Damon that she won't let him take the cure with her and become human again. Enzo pays a visit to his creator to make sure she's in good hands.

Lily asks him to let her out but Stefan steps in and tells him he can take it from there. Enzo promises to come visit and leaves Stefan to tend to his mother.

He tells her that he would be devastated if he lost as much as she did but maybe one day she will see him as her son.

Lily fights him on that and tells him that he will feel what devastation feels like, get her people back and ruin his life.

On the other side, Kai is making a feast for his new friends and beckons them all in for a big breakfast.

They aren't attacking him, instead he tells them it's time the get the hell out of this place.

The biggest storm is brewing and it's not just the battle with the heretics, it's Damon's battle with his choice that still remains.

"I'd Leave My Happy Home for You," was one of the most emotional episodes of the season so far. It brings everyone together in one way or the other and really puts some relationships to the test.

With fans already aware of the fact that Elena will be making her exit from the show, each episode closer to the finale will continues to be extremely suspenseful.

Fans who can't get enough will have to tune next week to see what The CW hit has in store.