'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'I Would For You' Season 7 Episode 15, Damon's Sacrifice

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The crossover episode of CWTV's The Vampire Diaries and The Originals were pretty intense but nothing could brace fans for the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries.

In "I Would For You" episode 15 of season seven, Damon makes a sacrifice that really shakes the show up.

Stefan returns to Mystic Falls after running for his life. He and Valerie are introduced to a mystical herb that could cloak him from Rayna's detection, however, they have to go searching for it. Damon wants to find a way to be the good brother and devises a plan to take Rayna out.

Steroline looks to be losing their spark as Stefan isn't sure if he has a future with Caroline, especially after his conversation with Klaus. Matt might be headed to a new team after growing weary of the vampires in Mystic Falls.

Meanwhile Damon has some pretty emotional chats with Stefan and Bonnie.

It all starts off with Rayna who wakes up in the woods Klaus and Stefan left her in. She has regenerated and has nothing on. She finds her clothes on the line and it looks like she has been camping out. She grabs her sword and begins her search for Stefan. Meanwhile Penny is being stalked by a vampire but Matt comes in and takes out the vampire.

Apparently he and Penny are working together to kill the vampires in Mystic Falls but this kill might be their last. They run into Damon's fling and the rest of her crew.

Then out of nowhere, Rayna shows up and takes all of them out. She saved them and she wants Stefan in return.

Stefan and Valerie are in a search to find more of the herbs that Freya used in her masking paste. Valerie tells him he has only been running a couple of days. Stefan says all he wants to do is have dinner and spend time with his girlfriend, however, Valerie seems to be enjoying spending time with him.

They arrive at a spot and it looks like it's going to be much harder to find. Bonnie is alive and kicking and Damon is holding a secret to killing Rayna.

He doesn't want to let Bonnie in on the plan and she is trying to let Enzo help them. Damon says there is no way and he tells her to stay out of it because he won't risk anyone else.

Elsewhere, Rayna is showing Matt and Penny how to torture a vampire when Damon comes back to get on her nerves. Matt is on Damon's side and he shoots Rayna was Damon rips her heart out. Matt almost calls Damon a friend when Penny rushes to try to heal Rayna.

Then, Damon asks if anyone knows where he can get a buzzsaw to dismember her body. It's almost annoying how Rayna can simply regenerate and start her quest all over again.

Damon is sitting in the woods with a blood-covered apron and whistling as pieces of Rayna lie at the bottom of a dry well. The pieces erupt in flames and Rayna is reborn again. Damon throws some clothes down to her and tells her it's his girlfriends and they look exactly alike.

They actually have a conversation and Damon says he can't have a vacation until she stays dead. She says he should let her kill his brother but he won't allow it because Stefan is his brother.

Rayna reveals that family is the reason why she is cursed and she will not rest until she sees her father's vision through. Valerie and Stefan are wondering through the magical herb garden and they seem to be having fun. Stefan tells Valerie about Rebekah and she tells him that he prefers small-town girls who are easy to handle.

Stefan comes upon the stop where the herb should be but it's no longer there. A mist comes upon them and a woman with scars on her face walks up and tells them night night. They both pass out.

Meanwhile, Bonnie meets up with Enzo and they two of them are still at odds. Then Alex walks into the Armory and apologizes for the way she was treated.

Bonnie tells her it's hard for her to trust them because they want Rayna alive.

Alex leads her to a room with all of the information on Rayna, including the Natives who gave their lives for Rayna.

Bonnie finds out that every time Rayna dies they lose one of the natives and if they lose all, Rayna will be gone forever.

Damon is trying to get Rayna to change her ways by prying into her personal life. Bonnie sends Damon the message and he takes Rayna out one more time. Another body begins to decay and Enzo tells Bonnie she has five seconds to tell him what's going on or else she won't be leaving alive. Bonnie asks if she hurt his feelings by lying about her reasons for being there.

Enzo is completely annoyed and calls Damon and idiot. He shows her the spell that created a bond between Rayna and her victims.

There was an added part of the spell where if Rayna dies, anyone she has marked will die. That means Stefan will die if Rayna does.

Bonnie calls Damon and gives him the news about Stefan's dangerous mark. Valerie and Stefan wake up to the scabbed woman. Valerie was speaking to the woman before Stefan woke up and she reveals that someone stole all of the herbs. The woman says that it was the last source of the herb because witches eradicated it.

Matt has to explain the complicated story of good and bad vampires to Penny. Matt tries to justify helping Damon because of Stefan and Penny almost makes what Matt has to do much clearer.

She says that at some point it stops being the vampires fault that Mystic Falls has fallen apart and it becomes his.

Damon frantically tries to dig up Rayna's body so that his brother doesn't die along with her. Meanwhile, Alaric and Caroline are dealing with the babies and Stefan calls to tell her that it might be a little longer before he grabs the herbs. Stefan asks if Caroline would like to tag in by running away with him and seeing the world.

He tells her he just wants to see her but she says that Alaric really needs her. Stefan is disappointed and says they will figure it out once the huntress are over.

Caroline asks Stefan what his feeling on Dallas is because of the babies and he realizes that this might be the beginning of the end.

Valerie walks up and asks Stefan if she is staying and he says yes. She tells Stefan that they will figure something out when Stefan begins to lose consciousness. Damon finds Rayna but it looks like it might be too late.

Damon tries feeding Rayna his blood and reviving her and with a swift punch to the chest, Rayna spits up dirt. Stefan regains consciousness and Rayna tosses Damon to the side.

The two of them square off and it looks like a battle will be going down.

Bonnie is frantically trying to find a way to help Damon who is fighting a battle he can't win. Bonnie is willing to kill for Damon and Enzo tells her she has no idea what Damon is planning. Damon tries to reason with Rayna by asking about her relationship.

Damon asks for an I just saved your life head start then attacks her. Rayna almost takes out Rayna but the Armory shows up and riddles her with tranquilizers.

Alex returns to the room as says that Rayna is finally in captivity. She isn't happy when she sees that Bonnie is missing. She also says that Bonnie is a close second priority to Rayna. Damon tells Stefan that Rayna was taken care of and reveals that if Rayna dies so does Stefan. He says the good news is they won't let Rayna escape.

Stefan says that Caroline is staying in Dallas with Ric and the kids and Damon tells him he is sorry to hear that. Stefan says Damon doesn't get it.

He says as long as he has the scar there are kids lives at stake. He says they need to get rid of the scar or Rayna.

Damon presents his brother with a letter and tells him that he is not a good brother without Elena and people get hurt when he is like that. Stefan asks Damon if he is just going to run away and desecrate next to Elena. Stefan says he risked everything and sacrificed people he loved for him.

Damon says they are vampires and he will see him again. Stefan says if there is any part of him that cares for him he won't walk out the door.

However, Damon leaves and Stefan is left thinking about not seeing his brother for a very long time.

Stefan is drinking bourbon when Matt walks in. Stefan says it's not the best time and Matt says it won't take long. Matt says he know it won't because Stefan is a vampire and he's a human. Matt says he has been thinking about his place in his home.

He says as long as there are vampires in the town they don't stand a chance against them and that it stops today. Stefan says "excuse me." Matt tells Stefan that vampires need to leave Mystic Falls for good.

Stefan says Mystic Falls is his home and he is not leaving.

Matt threatens Stefan with surveillance footage of him and Damon. He says he doesn't want to expose him. Matt hates that he has to threaten his friends but says it's not about him or Stefan. It's about his home that;s being destroyed time and time again. Matt gives Stefan and Damon until the end of the day to leave.

Damon opens up the container containing Elena's casket and Stefan is in a car getting ready to leave. Alaric finds a bottle of bourbon and a letter from Damon.

The letter says that by the time Ric reads the letter he will be desecrating in a coffin next to Elena until she wakes up.

He says Stefan will see the real Damon and he doesn't give a damn about the world without Elena.

Caroline walks into the room with Alaric who doesn't quite fill her in. Stefan is looking in the window of Caroline and Ric's home and it looks like he realizes he has to leave. He texts Valerie to tell her that they have to keep moving. Damon looks at his casket when Bonnie walks in and tells him that he wasn't going to say goodbye. She says she didn't believe that Enzo was telling the truth. Damon tries to tell her that he wrote her a letter but he asks her if they are friends.

She says she isn't doing the insults or jokes. Bonnie asks if they are friends and says that Damon wanted to say goodbye with a letter because he knew she wouldn't be okay with the decision. She calls him her best friend and says she is not okay with not seeing him every again.

She says it hurts her and she is overcome with emotion. She tells him that as he desiccates she wants him to remember that he hurt her.

He tries to reason with her but she tells him he doesn't get to say goodbye.

Damon approaches the door of the container and shuts it. He slowly gets into his casket and nods his head before he closes it. He begins to his period of desiccation. Then there is a full flashback of all of the future scenes thus far this season. Stefan is trapped with his brother in present day. Rayna says she feels like there should be champagne or something. Stefan says she got him. Rayna says he played it smart hen got dumb on her.

Rayna says she took two people that he loved, Damon and Caroline. She asks him which one of them brought him there but Stefan doesn't talk. Rayna tells him he will need something to keep him company in Hell. She says there is a plan B because she doesn't actually want to kill him.

Rayna says that there is a way to transfer the mark to someone a little more deserving. She wants to transfer the mark to Damon.

Stefan tells her it was a nice try to pit them against each other, however, it wasn't her idea, it was Damon's, as he stated when emerging from the shadows.

"I Would For You" really shakes things up on The Vampire Diaries, however it does sort of explain why Damon was asleep in the future.

There's no telling what's next and it's extremely sad to see what has happened to Steroline, fans can only hope that they recreate what they had in the future.

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