'The Vampire Diaries' Recap 'I Could Never Love Like That' Season 6 EP 18, Steroline On The Loose

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Finally the break is over and "The Vampire Diaries" is back with Steroline on the loose.

This week in "I Could Never Love Like That," the eighteenth episode of the sixth season, Stefan and Caroline are running wild at Whitmore after turning off their humanity.

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Stefan and Caroline managed to break the sexual tension between them however, neither of them are in their right mind as they create trouble all across Whitmore. Damon and his mother Lily draw up a plan that isn't safe, but when has he ever had one that's without risk? Elena has second thoughts about being a vampire after she learns Jo is pregnant with Alaric's baby.

Enzo's horrible past comes forth and it makes you feel pretty bad for him despite all he's done. Tyler and Matt are forced to find their way out of a dark game of karaoke.

It all commences with a worker closing up the bar but there is someone playing games with him. His co-worker falls on to a table bleeding from the neck. Apparently it's all a part of the competition between Caroline and Stefan to see if she could scare the worker to death. When the worker tries to get away Caroline compels him into thinking he has a heart attack.

Caroline is ruthless and Stefan is allowing it. In fact he is upset at how the worker died, rather than the fact that he died. What's next? Well it looks like Caroline and Stefan are going to do some karaoke.

Enzo brings Sarah to the Salvatore home and he looks as if he's seen a ghost when Lily answers the door. Enzo quickly says he's at the wrong house and both he and Sarah flee the scene. He admits that Lily was the woman who turned him into a vampire. Meanwhile, Elena and Damon look very comfortable and she is still trying to convince Damon to give his mother a chance.

Damon stops Elena before she could open the drawer where he is hiding the cure for vampirism. Damon, Elena and Lily sit down for some breakfast and it's a little too normal.

Lily asks Elena if she misses being a vampire and she replied sometimes. Elena gets a message from Jo saying that Stefan and Caroline have been attacking people at Whitmore and skips out on breakfast.

Sarah is still trying to figure out why Enzo brought her all the way out to the Salvatore mansion only to drive away. Enzo says that Lily is the most terrible woman he's ever met. In a flashback Enzo is sick with consumption and appears to be dying when Lily finds him.

He compels Sarah to forget anything she's ever heard about her family but she is under vervain so it doesn't work. Caroline is singing karaoke in an area where students are trying to study while Stefan grabs a cup of blood.

Matt and Tyler walk into the party and decide they are going to leave after the see what's going on, however, Stefan urges them to stay and see what else Caroline has in store. Wow what a bloody start.

Damon and his mother rush over to Whitmore to rescue Stefan. She asks about when she can expect her friends to be freed from the other side and he says soon. Lily has only been back for a day or so and is already spying on her son. She knows that Damon is struggling with the decision to give Elena the cure.

She tells him that they are more alike than he knows because neither of them can bare to be alone. Elena and Jo are treating Caroline and Stefan's victims.

Jo is completely out of the loop and she is very happy when she hears that Kai is trapped on the other side. Elena is completely overcome with joy when she realizes that Jo is having a baby.

Sarah is holding Enzo captured and she feels like an idiot for ever trusting him in the first place. Enzo continues to account his first days with Lily. Lily attempts to save Enzo from his sickness but the doctors can't help him. She tells Enzo that she has consumption before and didn't survive, the only rational explanation Enzo had was she could be an angel. Caroline and Stefan is still keeping Tyler and Matt captive and Caroline is forcing them to answer questions about her.

She is toying with them and the game turns dangerous when their life depends on the answers. Stefan comes in and guesses correctly leaving Tyler and Matt in a very tight spot.

It's absolutely crazy how sinister Caroline and Stefan are behaving. Paul Wesley and Candice Accola are wonders to watch as they transform their personalities.

Jo and Elena are running through the number of victims that Caroline and Stefan have been leaving behind. Elena is not shocked and the carnage makes her realize that there is a part of her that could always revert to killing just like them. Jo knows that Elena was scared and nervous when she found out that she was having a baby but Elena brushes it off. Enzo can't escape Sarah who continues to question Enzo's actions.

Lily is taking care of Enzo in her flashback he tells her how he was abandoned in a warehouse at four. Lily was also abandoned by her husband who sent her to the sanitarium.

She asks Enzo to join her and her new family so that he never has to be alone again. As his time continues to run out Lily feeds him her vampire blood.

Lily is worried that Stefan may not remember his mother but Damon is sure that he will. The problem lies within Lily. Can she go through with the plan? Is she capable of bringing Stefan back to his normal state.

Lily is finding it hard to reconnect with her feelings for her sons. She stayed away from her boys out of the fear of what she would do if she saw them again.

She found a new comfort in the family of vampires she had over her own blood. Damon is hurt by his mother's words and looks on as she walks away.

Caroline and Stefan continue to play games with Tyler and Matt. Tyler has had enough and begins fighting back but Caroline and Stefan just mock him. Caroline even dares him to stake her and when he lunges at her, Tyler stakes Matt who Caroline sinisterly places in front of her.

Oh no, is Matt dead? Damon is confiding in Elena about his mother telling him she doesn't love him. Elena tells him it's okay for him to feel hurt but Stefan is more of Damon's concern.

When Lily tries to leave he forces her to bring Stefan back. All Lily cares about is getting her family back and she keeps pushing for him to grant her assurance, so, Damon gives her the ascendant.

Enzo's story about being turned into a vampire continues. He describes it all in grand detail, from the thirst for blood to his heightened senses. Enzo feeds on the doctor who almost killed him and thus begins his transformation.

He searched all over for Lily on the ship, however, she was gone.

Enzo breaks the restraints that Sarah held him with and threatens to do to her what Lily did to him. Stefan and Caroline's party is interrupted by Damon and Lily and Stefan looks as if he's seen a ghost.

Damon gives Tyler his car to get Matt out of the bar. Caroline asks Stefan if he has a mother but he tells her that his mother died. Caroline stakes Stefan and runs out for fear that once they get Stefan to flip his humanity switch back to normal he will turn her. Tyler rushes Matt to Elena's care and all she can ask is "what just happened?" Lily tells Stefan that she is a ripper and he gets that trait from her.

She gives him the sam sob story she told Damon about how afraid she was that she would hurt her sons. Her words are a script that Damon told his mother to recite in an attempt to get Stefan back from the dark side.

Lily does an impressive job lying to Stefan and his humanity is returned in full force. He embraces his mother unaware of what her plans are after her deed.

What is going to happen when Stefan finds out that his mother's words weren't from the heart? Now that Stefan is back how long is it until Caroline and be flipped as well? There are just so many questions that arise when watching "I Could Never Love Like That."

Stefan stares into the window at his mother and Damon tells him that he needs to find Caroline instead of wondering about their mother. Matt is refusing Elena's blood because most of the times that he's died before was at the hands of people that are suppose to be his friends. He tells her that he can't just use vampires when he needs them.

Enzo sees something very captivating about Sarah but leaves her alone once the vervain has left her system. Elena tells Damon that she wants to throw Jo a baby shower.

Damon finds out that Elena was jealous of Jo because she always wanted a family before she was turned into a vampire. When she tells Damon that she realizes she can't have a family, he asks her what if thinks can be different and what if she could change it. She just replies that nothing can and nothing won't.

The two share a tender moment before they are interrupted by Jo who tells Damon and Elena that they need to destroy the ascendant. The reason is that the family Lily is trying to save were exiled by the Gemini coven.

They are practically like Kai with the bloodlust of a vampire.

Wow! What a curveball this episode has thrown fans. Now there are half-bred witches? These heretics are going to wreak havoc on Mystic Falls, is this where Elena becomes a casualty of war?

"I Could Never Love Like That" marks the beginning of Elena's farewell. From the second thoughts she is having on life, there is a no doubt that she wants to be rid of Mystic Falls and on to a normal life as a human.

Steroline is proving to be one of the toughest couples when it comes to being without humanity.

It's great to see two people who are full of good go a little wild but you have to miss the original Steroline.

Fans who can't get enough will have to tune next week to see what The CW hit has in store.