'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'I Carry Your Heart With Me' Season 7 Episode 4, The Plan

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Last week CWTV's The Vampire Diaries shocked fans by revealing that Valerie lost a baby she was carrying for Stefan at the hands of Julian.

In "I Carry Your Heart With me," the fourth episode of season seven, Stefan and Caroline have the pleasure of keeping Nora and Mary Louise company.

Damon didn't quite take care Oscar and when he returns, Oscar goes on a rampage. Mary Louise and Nora are hot on Damon's trail but they are distracted by Stefan and Caroline as they attend the Whitmore College Heaven and Hell ball.

Enzo knows that there is something going on with Valerie and sets out to find out what it is.

Bonnie agreed to help Alaric bring Jo back, however, their plan turns into something much more dangerous. Will Lily ever be reunited with Julian?

The episode began as Alaric fumbled with a series of technical pieces on a circuitboard. It turns out he was fixing a doll for some twins. All of a sudden, Alaric returns and stops the twins in their tracks. Damon and Alaric don't appear to be friends.

Alaric is reluctant to let Damon in and says that if he is there that means someone died. Alaric is back at the morgue and buys some time on Jo's supposed last day in the morgue.

When Damon receives a call from his mother, he tells her he hopes she has Elena.

He is unaware that Valerie ripped Oscar's heart out and returns to an empty room. He smells the blood in the closet and when he opens the door, a dead Oscar falls out.

Bonnie is leaving but Caroline wakes up and stops her from leaving right away. Bonnie says she will work on unraveling the spell. Caroline wants to go out shopping to catch up but Bonnie tells her about Alaric's plan to bring Jo back.

She says that Jo's spirit is probably at peace and she doesn't think the plan will work but she is helping him anyway. Damon calls his brother who is flipping out after seeing Oscar.

Damon thinks Stefan is on his mother's side and Stefan says that he is making all of his decisions based on Elena being gone.

Damon says they need to hide the body but Stefan says to take care of it himself.

Enzo is inquisitive with Valerie after she came in late the evening before. Valerie says she was making breakfast for Oscar, who she killed. Lily comes home and Valerie acts surprised to see her without Oscar. Lily questions Valerie as to why she led Stefan on and gives her one chance to tell her the truth. Valerie brushes it off and says she is going to look for Oscar, however, Lily says there is no need for that.

Damon is visited by Nora and Mary Louise who are badgering him. They ask about Oscar and Damon says you just missed him. They begin destroying the room while Stefan and Damon try to make up stories about why Oscar is missing.

The guys manage to keep Oscar from being found by hanging him outside the window. They pull him back in but receive a message from Nora. For every hour Oscar is missing, a Whitmore student will die.

A ghost tour is going on in Mystic Falls and Matt shows up to put a stop to it. He tells them to pack up and go but the tour refuses. Meanwhile, Enzo appears and convinces the tourists to stay. Enzo wants access to the town's surveillance cameras to track the heretics. Stefan brings Caroline a coffee and the spell is still intact.

He has to talk to Valerie about getting the spell lifted and Caroline is curious as to why she hasn't yet. Stefan says they have bigger problems and presents her with the poster for the dance. Caroline has to convince the girls about the Heaven and Hell ball and she does so by strategically belittle the heretics.

She is in charge of helping them fit in. Caroline asks to have the spell lifted but Mary Louise refuses. She says that when it comes to Valerie, you shouldn't get on her bad side.

Stefan tries to convince Nora to lift the spell but she also denies because of Valerie's wrath. Mary Louise comes downstairs to show off to Nora who doesn't give her the reaction she asks for.

She kills a student out of anger and storms off leaving Stefan and Caroline to clean up the mess.

Bonnie and Alaric are getting ready to attempt to bring Jo back to life when Damon waltzes in with Oscar and tells them they need to bring him back to life immediately.

The Heaven and Hell ball is in full swing and Caroline is dressed as an angel. Stefan asks her why she didn't invite him and she said she didn't think it was an appropriate first date. The two do some heavy flirting before they see Mary Louise and Nora walk in.

Mary Louise is jealous of Nora's apparent ability to fit in and her flirtatious vibe.

Bonnie fails about bringing Oscar back and Damon is getting frustrated.

Damon receives a call from Stefan who asks how close they are to getting Oscar back alive, however, when Damon turns around Oscar's body is on fire and Alaric rushes to put it out.

Enzo approaches Valerie and begins gently questioning her whereabouts and it's relation to Oscar being missing. Valerie tells Enzo that he is wrong in ways he can't imagine. Enzo asks her to tell him and threatens to tell Lily.

Valerie actually admits to killing Oscar because he knew too much. Valerie also revealed that Oscar was trying to bring Julian back. She tells Enzo that it's a past love of Lily's and things get a bit interesting.

Stefan and Caroline seem to be having an incredible night and he says he would ask her to dance but the spell is still on. Caroline keeps badgering Stefan to talk to Valerie and reveals that she is scared that Stefan will look Valerie in her eyes and they will fall in love again. Caroline leaves to get a drink and when Stefan turns to see Nora and Mary Louise have disappeared.

Mary Louise finds Nora snacking on the bartender and a jealousy fueled argument leaves the two somewhat separated.

Mary Louise leaves to finish their job. Meanwhile, Bonnie manages to bring Oscar back from the dead and Damon tells her she is the most terrifying person her knows.

Alaric, Damon and Bonnie are helping Oscar into a car and give him a little bag of blood. Bonnie doesn't know what the effects of bringing the dead back to life are but she agrees to help Jo after the phoenix stone works. Enzo asks Lily about Julian and says that he heard he was a monster, however, he is surprised when Lily says otherwise. She says Julian was the love of her life and Enzo wants to know if he is or he was.

Stefan stops Mary Louise from killing another student with a photo of Oscar. He asks her where Nora is and she tells him about the fight.

She actually vents to Stefan about her problem with Nora while Stefan vents about Valerie before stabbing Mary Louise with a syringe and knocking her out. He plans on using her to have the spell removed.

Oscar is going blood crazy and escapes from Damon after Damon refuses to give her more blood. Matt is out on patrol when he finds a crashed car with a body that has been attacked. Damon shows up and tells him about the Oscar situation.

Matt wants to go with Damon but Damon refuses to bring him along. Stefan is holding Mary Louse hostage to try to get Nora to undo the spell.

When Nora refuses Caroline shows up and threatens Nora to take the spell off by touching her. Once it's gone, Caroline breaks Nora's neck and she and Stefan immediately run to each other for a passionate kiss.

The tour guide for the ghost tour is attacked by Oscar followed by the rest of the guests. Lily tries to stop him but she can't talk him down. Damon shows up and breaks Oscar's neck to stop him from attacking Lily.

He then demands Elena's body. Mary Louise is tending to Nora and when Nora comes too she reveals how much she cared for Mary Louise when she believed she would lose her.

They apologize to each other and make up with a kiss and a dance.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Caroline are really getting hot and she is being her normal self as she babbles about worrying about Stefan and Valerie. He tells her that the reason he isn't talking about Valerie is because he isn't thinking about her and the two continue their romance. Steroline is a go. But what about the future Steroline? Matt shows up at the bar and tries to kill Valerie but Enzo saves her. She tells Enzo she came there to be alone after Matt leaves. Enzo says he wants her to tell him how they are going to prevent Julian from walking back into Lily's life. Damon lights the tourbus on fire and Lily hands over Elena.

Damon says he is moving back to Mystic Falls and when Lily tells him she will talk to her heretics about it, he is adamant that it's not a thought. Lily gives him some advice on letting Elena go. As Damon writes to Elena he visits his wine cellar for a special bottle of wine.

He tells her the story of why he drinks bourbon and says as long as he is with her, time will stand still. Tyler shows up to take the body of Elena away.

Stefan and caroline are cozy together, Lily tends to Oscar and Damon is trying to figure out who he is but tells Elena that her heart is always with him until he comes back to her.

Bonnie and Alaric succeed in bringing Jo back, Jo is alive!

"I Carry Your Heart With Me" is The Vampire Diaries' way of getting fans excited for the next episode. The suspense and thrilling aspect of the show is perfect for Halloween, especially with the elements of bringing the dead back to life.

Fans are also getting closer to figuring out what exactly happens in the future that causes Steroline to split and Stefan and Damon to be hunted.

Fans who can't get enough will have to tune in next week to see what The CW hit has in store or head over to the shows main page.

"I Carry Your Heart With Me"