'The Vampire Diaries' Recap 'The Day I Tried To Live,' Season 6 Episode 13, Bonnie's Had Enough

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In last week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," the life of Luke was claimed in merge with Kai.

This week in "The Day I Tried To Live," the thirteenth episode of the shows sixth season, Elena, Damon and the rest of the team must do what they can to save Bonnie before she kills herself.

It's Bonnie's birthday and all Elena wants to do is send her a happy birthday wish, instead, Bonnie's goodbye message is what she is greeted with and now she and Damon must fight to bring her back before she commits suicide. The enigma that is Enzo uses Matt to try to get behind the real truth about Stefan's great-niece.

Stefan has become Caroline's keeper and after he promised Sheriff Forbes to always be there for her daughter, he has to step in when she uses an uncharacteristic method of coping in their current conundrum.

Jeremy offers his help while thinking about leaving Mystic Falls and all of the negative things that it represents in his life.

This week's episode kicks off as Bonnie makes herself some breakfast on the other side. She realizes it's her birthday but there is no one there to help her celebrate it.

Jeremy is working out in a garage as Elena arrives with decorations for Bonnie's birthday.

Jeremy knows what days it is but he isn't happy about celebrating the birthday of someone who won't be there to celebrate.

Elena questions him about art school and he says that won't leave until he knows that Bonnie is ok.

Bonnie and Stefan talk about an early fight she and Bonnie had when she was younger. Stefan tells her not to worry but when she decides she is going to look for the teddy bear that she buried, Stefan is a little worried about her well being. Meanwhile, Elena and Damon try to have a talk without jumping into making out but it just ends.

Kai interrupts even though he promised to leave town after last week. Kai asks them to help him give a letter to Jo because he feels bad about everything that happened.

Kai has absorbed Luke's compassion and he even cried when he thinks of what he did to his family.

Elena thinks of the favor as a way to gain something of her own, chances are it's to bring Bonnie back for her birthday. Enzo is brainwashing and threatening Matt to help him figure out what's going on with the real Sarah Salvatore. When Matt's hand is forced, he now has the task of snooping.

Damon asks Kai if it would be possible to use the busted ascendant to send Bonnie a message at least.

Damon knows that all they need to do is tell Bonnie where she can find some magic to help her get out.

Liv is having an extremely hard time coping with the loss of Luke. Tyler tries to convince her that they need to leave but she is filled with hatred from Kai and doesn't know how to do anything without Luke.

She refuses to leave and Tyler says that whatever she wants to do, he will help her.

She tells him that she wants to kill Kai. Damon and Elena figure out that in an island in Nova Scotia there is a bit of magic that could help Bonnie.

Stefan and Caroline are still busy flirting away as she digs up the teddy bear for Bonnie. Jeremy is not happy that Elena and Damon are trusting Kai because he has the ability. Liv is trying to locate Kai by seeing where he is and notices that he is at the Salvatore's house.

She is completely upset that Damon is working with Kai and Tyler though reluctant, agrees to help her.

She puts a spell on Tyler that put him to sleep and sets out on her own. Liv interfering with Damon and Elena's plan could prove to be very troublesome when it comes to bringing Bonnie back.

Matt approaches Sarah trying to strike up a conversation about photography, however, she isn't interested. Enzo offers to help Matt, or more like force Matt into Sarah's life. Damon, Elena, Kai and Jeremy get ready to visit Bonnie and they are able to see her but she can't see or hear them.

They see a hurting Bonnie who is on the verge of killing herself. Damon sees Bonnie drinking the bourbon that they promised each other they would kill if things ever got bad, followed by them killing themselves.

Elena, Jeremy, Damon and Kai wake up and Kai tells them that he was the only one who couldn't kill himself on the other side but Bonnie may not be so lucky. Jeremy volunteers to be the one that is sent back to physically interact with Bonnie and help guide her to magic. Stefan continues to make fun of Caroline for digging for a teddy bear.

He finds the whole idea funny and she thinks he is drunk. She calls him a jerk and as he tells her that she is angry at him.

Stefan coaxes her into taking her anger out on him and after she hits him with a shovel the two end up on the ground happy. It's nice to see them getting closer together, finally.

Kai concentrates on sending Jeremy back to the other side. Matt is approached by Sarah who asks him where he's headed. He tells her he no longer has a wallet, jacket or phone. Sarah feels bad for him and offers to help him.

Elena and Damon drink their problems away and Elena asks Damon if she completely changed after becoming a vampire. She starts questioning whether or not she would be with Damon if she was still human and he tells her no.

She realizes that she and Damon are trapped when she tries to get some air.

Liv comes in midway into the spell that would help Jeremy reach Bonnie and stabs Kai.If ever there was a time it seemed as if Bonnie could be coming back, it was this episode.

Now with Liv being driven by anger there is no telling what would happen. There is a very strong relationship development between Stefan and Caroline but it would be nice to see them help Elena and Damon.

Kai faces a full on assault from Liv but he turns the tables and tries to kill Liv. Live asks to be killed but it doesn't seem like he can because of the goodness that now resides in him because of Luke. Damon and Elena all know what's going down and Jeremy ends up being the one to save Kai.

He asks Kai to send him back to save Bonnie who is on one of the last drops of alcohol. She is extremely emotional and prepares to to end her life.

Before Stefan and Caroline head back home, she actually manages to find the teddy bear but unfortunately it rips and in a single moment she and Stefan look into each others eyes.

Caroline looks away and apologizes as the magical moment seems to be too emotional for her. The teasing continues from the writers of "The Vampire Diaries" but it looks like they may be closer than they have ever been before.

Liv is back to her feet and beckons Kai to come out and fight her. Damon can hear her and makes a hole in the chimney to drop a bottle of alcohol down that exploded tossing Liv back. Jeremy is watching as Bonnie is killing herself in the a closed garage with a car running.

Jeremy tries to coax her but she can't hear him and he is literally watcher her record a final message to Elena and Damon.

She talks about missing being able to say hi to strangers, ordering food at a restaurant and being with her friends.

She can't take the loneliness anymore and it looks like it's the end for her. She wishes Jeremy a life with no regrets, to never give up on himself and to stay strong. She begins to fade but tries to stand up when she utters the words stay strong.

She is now fighting the urge to die but collapses. Somehow, someway, Jeremy is able to touch the garage door opener and save the day just in time.

Elena wakes Jeremy up as Damon helps Kai with his blood. Jeremy tells Elena that Bonnie is going to be okay.

Jeremy helps Elena clean up the mess at the Salvatore mansion and tells her that he knows why she would want to kill herself. He says that Bonnie isn't the only one that is trapped. Elena tells him it's okay to move on and to find a new life and move on. She tells him to get out of Mystic Falls and never look back.

They will all pitch in to help him as he tries to move on. Tyler rescued Liv and told her how it all went down.

Tyler tells her that he never wants to see her again because she lied to him and chose death over him.

Enzo wanted to test what kind of person Sarah was. He plans on turning her into an evil person and make her beg for him to turn her. He is still upset with Stefan and is going to make him pay by torturing someone he cares for.

Meanwhile, Elena and Damon finally get to talk about their relationship. She tells him that she would never change a thing about the two of them because she always finds her way back to him.

Elena makes a loving speech to Damon and tells him to stop living in the past before they finally embrace and kiss passionately.

Jeremy applies to art school so it looks as if he will be making his way out of Mystic Falls. Stefan and Caroline share a drink as she mends her teddy bear.

Bonnie continues to drink but notices the atlas left on the floor with Nova Scotia highlighted. She knows exactly what she has to do and begins her trip that will lead to freedom.

This week's episode was skillfully written and directed. It was one of the more enjoyable ones because no one is lost as of yet. Steven R. McQueen will be making his exit soon so fans of Jeremy should prepare themselves for that final moment. Hopefully Bonnie comes back so that the show doesn't feel too empty.

This is one of the most emotional episodes of the "The Vampire Diaries" yet as viewers really see just how much Bonnie's life means to everyone even Damon, who, only recently formed a bond while the two were on the other side.

The writers continue to tug at the viewers hearts while developing a few love stories even further.

"The Vampires Diaries" continues to add intensity, excitement and mystery to the show as it winds down to the end of the sixth season, but fans will have to tune in next week to see what The CW hit has in store.