'The Vampire Diaries' Recap 'A Bird In A Gilded Cage,' Stefan and Caroline Battle It Out

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Last week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" brought a whole new twist that fans did not see coming.

This week in "A Bird in a Gilded Cage," Stefan and Caroline look to battle it out as they have both lost their humanity.

With Stefan still in the dark about his mother and not quite himself, Damon and Elena devise a plan to rescue the Salvatore's mother from the1903 prison world that Bonnie found her in. Caroline's plan for Stefan does not seem to be going the way she thought it would and now the two reach a whole new level of bickering, putting Steroline in some big trouble.

Oddly enough, Enzo and Alaric join forces to try to get Caroline to flip her humanity switch back on but that plan also goes sour. Bonnie leaves Damon a present completely catches him by surprise and stuns him.

The action kicked off as with a carefree Caroline washing dishes and she is joined by Enzo soon after. Enzo asks her what she's doing and she says she is restoring the bar back to the way it was. She also says that she is trying out for the school musical.

Enzo finds out that Stefan no longer has his humanity and there is a twinkle of worry in his eye when he hears how Caroline made him do it.

Stefan barges in at home and Damon tries to talk to him but all Stefan wants is weapons. Damon attempts to sedate him but it doesn't work, Stefan is already ahead of the game.

Jo is taking care of Sarah and tells her that she drank a little too much at the rave. When Sarah tries to leave Jo prevents her from doing so telling her she needs to get more liquids and rest. Jo is not happy that Sarah is being held at her hospital but Alaric says that they just ned to keep her out of harms way.

Meanwhile, Damon is smashing his house apart out of frustration. Elena walks in and calms Damon who knows his brother is one step away from being a ripper.

Damon also admits that his mother is alive and when Elena tries to cheer the notion on, he quiets it but telling her that his mother was a ripper as well.

Elena has the bright idea that their mother is the way to get Stefan's humanity back. Damon talks Bonnie into working with Kai to help them go back in time to bring Damon's mother back. Kai has the ascendant and he says the catch is he wants Bonnie to go with him to retrieve Lily Salvatore.

Kai somehow manages to get Bonnie to consider it by telling her that she could stay behind and accidentally die by the hands of a Caroline on the loose. Caroline makes a beautiful audition for the musical but the only one who was watching was Stefan, as well as the headless director.

Stefan and Caroline bicker and he tells her that if his life suffers because she made him turn his humanity she is going to suffer as well. This is the sinister ripper Stefan talking and his plan looks mighty dangerous.

Caroline has a method of coping with her humanity off because of the control she has over her powers.

However, Stefan is more of a loose cannon and even worst, close to his ripper personality. He can be ruthless and Caroline's plan is already backfiring in front of her eyes as he lures her back slowly but sure.

Kai collects blood from Bonnie so he can do the spell to get Kai, Bonnie and Damon to 1903. Elena tags along and she doesn't want to leave Bonnie alone with Kai. Bonnie says that she will be okay and she and Kai look for the ascendant while Elena and Damon go looking for his mom.

Caroline gets some payback by wrecking Stefan's bike, she also tells him to go away. Stefan calls Caroline an embarrassment to humanity free vampires everywhere because of how small scale her revenge was.

To that, she punches a whole in his gas tank.

Enzo meets up with Alaric and asks him for help to get Caroline down to the Salvatore cellar. Alaric says that he is human and he has a child to live for, however, Enzo guilt trips him into helping.

Elena is trying to make the whole experience a little fun but Damon is dismissive.

He knocks down any thought that his mother could be a better person after what he's heard. Just then Lily walks into the room and says "Damon," to which he replies, "hello mother."

Back at the Salvatore home, Lily estimates how long she's been dead and Elena tell's her she's been gone for over a century. Damon is upset that his mother didn't think to clear up her death.

She details how a coven of witches trapped her in the prison and she has been keeping herself in control with two drops of blood just to stay awake.

Lily hated her husband and laughed when she heard that Stefan killed him. She notices Damon's off-putting nature and then asks for Stefan.

Meanwhile, Stefan brings Caroline a not so peaceful peace offering. He attacks Caroline and she tries to fight him ask he says he will end her life if she won't let him ruin it. Stefan tries to stake her and misses, as she turns over and drives the stake into him. While Bonnie tries to complete a spell Kai tries to apologize and Kai breaks her conscious by getting a little too rough.

He immediately apologizes but Bonnie knows that the old Kai is somewhere in there. She knows where the ascendant is and they move on.

As Lily approves going back to save Stefan, she drops a huge bomb, there are others with her and she wants them to travel along with her.

Damon and Elena are led to a room with what looks to be a few half alive individuals and some living.

Enzo and Alaric walk the halls looking for Stefan and Caroline. Enzo admits that he wants Stefan's humanity back so he can make him hurt. Alaric tells Enzo that he needs to reevaluate himself.

Meanwhile, Caroline has to fight off Stefan who stakes an innocent girl in the process.

Caroline begins to lecture him, however, he pulls her in the corner to hide from Enzo and Alaric. Stefan also leaves a little trap for Alaric and Enzo but they manage to escape.

Damon is shocked that his mother learned to control her bloodlust in order to keep those who sacrificed themselves for her alive. The lifeless creatures stare at Elena and Damon as he says that his mother is crazy.

Just then they find the ascendant, but wait, wasn't Bonnie looking for the ascendant? No, Bonnie was actually plotting to seek revenge for Kai, just before she tries to stab him for making he want to kill herself, he disappears into thin air.

Enzo and Alaric are knocked out and Stefan tries to finish them off however, Caroline aims a crossbow at him and question his actions. Stefan backs off and heads into the other room to feed on the innocent girl he staked in order to lure her into bloodlust, the thing she worked so hard to control.

Stefan and Caroline then take turns feeding on the girl and break into some hot steamy vampire action. Steroline is in full force and hotter than ever.

Damon breaks the news to his mom that they have to leave his friends behind after Bonnie attempted to kill Kai. Lily tries to wake up her "family" but Damon walks in threatens her by telling her that he will leave her to rot is she doesn't want to help his brother.

Bonnie completes the spell even when Kai shows up and he is trapped once again as Damon, Lily, Elena and Bonnie head back to the present day.

There is somewhat of a poetic justice that has taken place in tonight's episode and though Kai is a character who was once hated to the core, it looks like he really may be innocent.

Either way Bonnie suffered way too long and if this is her method of pay back, then so be it.

Enzo wakes up and walks into the room to meet with Sarah. He tells Sarah that it was a mistake bringing her into his life. When she asks why, he admits that it was all over deep loneliness. Enzo tells her that she is innocent and deserves better. Sarah is puzzled when Enzo uses her full name, "Sarah Salvatore." Jo tells Alaric that he can not run around getting hurt and confines him to 18 years of trouble free parenting.

In the present day, Lily admits to returning to see Stefan after her fake death. Lily says that because of her bloodlust, she fled so that her boys could be safe from harm.

Lily says that she can't truly be herself until they retrieve the ones she's left behind.

He tells her that they will return soon. Meanwhile, on the other side, Kai runs into Lily's friends who are apparently going to use him as food.

Damon and Elena bond after the day they had traveling into the past. Elena is being optimistic on Damon and his mother's relationship. Damon sees something special in Elena and they two get heavy just as Stefan and Caroline are. Steroline laugh about the innocent girl they left in the hallway and the sinister couple agrees that Stefan's way is much more fun.

Bonnie breaks up the hot and heavy moment between Damon to thank him for helping her find closure. Damon tells Bonnie that his mother wants to go back, however, they don't have true plans of going back.

Bonnie brought back the cure to vampirism that Damon kept back. Bonnie says she knows he wanted it for Elena but the choice is his whether or not he wants to give it to her.

So who will Damon cure? Stefan? Caroline? Elena? His mother? Either way, it looks like it's going to be Steroline V.S. Delena.

Tonight's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" featured a whirlwind of events that is truly bringing the show back to it's original appeal. "A Bird in A Gilded Cage" was crazy, epic, emotional and downright intense.

Steroline is in the rockiest place they've ever been and for the first time there is more than one person who needs their humanity switch flipped at the same time.

Fans who can't get enough will have to tune next week to see what The CW hit has in store.