'The Vampire Diaries' Prayer for the Dying Recap, Season 6 Episode 12, Damon's Plan Goes Wrong

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The team rescued Elena in last weeks episode of "The Vampire Diaries." This week in "Prayer for the Dying" the twelfth episode of the sixth season Damon devises a plan that has a few hiccups and so does Caroline's plan to save her mom.

As the merge approaches Liv and Luke believe that Jo can beat Kai if they were to merge and try to persuade their father to let them complete the ceremony instead. Caroline's cure showed some serious flaws towards the end of last weeks episode and this week those flaws fall on her mother leading to a horrible result with Stefan having to pick up the pieces.

Damon devises a high risk plan to help the fight against Kai but it completely unravels just before the big merge ceremony causing panic. But when in the world will Bonnie return to Mystic Falls?

It all begins as Sheriff Forbes lays in bed with Caroline watching over her. Caroline is awoken by a strange noise in her house; a rummaging that sounds as if a thief is in her house.

As she walks over to her door cautiously, she is greeted by the struggling cancer patient who can barely stand.

She calls Stefan over to take a look at the patient. Despite her compulsion, the patient was able to find her and when Stefan opens the blind, they learn that the patient has turned.

Meanwhile, Elena is preparing to head back to school and low and behold she and Damon look to be quite cozy. They are responsible for keeping the injured Kai company while Alaric and Liv prepare Jo for the battle of her life, or ceremony at that.

Damon plans a date with Elena and when she learns that they have already embarked on the date, she tells him that she wants to start over brand new.

Liv and Tyler are very cozy in bed and their romance looks pretty interesting as well. She tells Tyler that they need to get out of bed and just when they were thinking about the decision, Liv's father surprises her in her dorm-room and Tyler is forced to hide.

Jo is still working at the hospital but she also doesn't seem to be having much luck with her spells.

Elena gives her good news when she tells her the daylight ring works but Stefan is the barer of even more bad news.

The patient's cancer is growing at a faster rate and the whole team is informed even Forbes herself.

Stefan steps outside to have a chat with Elena on Caroline's mom and she actually blames him for Caroline's situation. Stefan tells her that she didn't see the hope in her eyes and he didn't want to be the one to take that away from her. Just then Caroline walks up and tells them Jo may have a solution.

The solution involves doing a full blood transfusion on Forbes to get rid of the vampire blood.

Tyler is not happy with the fact that Liv hasn't told him that her birthday is coming up.

Tyler needs a little convincing from Liv to let her and Luke try to convince her dad to let Kai and Jo merge instead.

Damon is greeted by Elena who still doesn't have any good news. As the two wait, Damon tells her how close he and Sheriff Forbes was and she reassures him that everyone will give everything they have to fix Forbes. Stefan greets a feisty Caroline and he has to do damage control after she blames herself for her moms situation.

The patient is trying to kill himself but it won't work. He is in agonizing pain and Damon comes in and rips his heart out.

Damon then insensitively forces blame on Caroline for killing her mom, she is distraught and storms out.

Elena tries to reach Caroline who has run off in a very emotional state. When she can't find Caroline, she checks on Sheriff Forbes and has to break the news that the transfusion didn't work. Elena tries to lie about Caroline but the Sheriff picks up and is scared that her daughter may not forgive herself for what she did.

Caroline is in a flower shop looking for flowers for her memorial service and begins trying to ignore whats happening by planning.

She tells Stefan don't try to cheer her up and what he does is lay it all on the line for her. He tells her that she needs to be there for her in her final moments despite her feelings.

Stefan tells her that when he was younger, his mom was sick but instead of being by her side, he was ignoring the inevitable, afraid to see her sick.

He said his mom was sent away and died without him having a chance to see her and convinces Caroline to be with her mom in her final moments.

Meanwhile, Liv and Luke are breaking the news to their father that they do not want to merge but instead, they want Jo and Kai to merge instead. Their father is afraid that Jo might not be able to help. Luke says that he can't kill his own sister and refuses to merge. Damon walks in on Tyler who is hovering over Kai.

Damon realizes something very interesting when he unravels Tyler's plan and he has one of her own. Damon answers a call from Liv and tells her that he wants to talk to her father.

When he gets his wish Damon asks him to make Liv and Luke merge before Kai wakes up and tries it himself.

Kai is trapped and now Damon is the only one who can keep him from wreaking havoc. Damon always seems to show shades of irrationality at times and this is a very dangerous game that he is playing.

It can be very costly whether it does or does not work.

Liv will die if it works, but Kai will be alive without being able to merge.

If it doesn't work and Liv and Luke fail to merge Kai who is now awake can force the merge to happen if he isn't dealt with.

Kai arrives at the hospital with Damon and Kai is now responsible for trying to keep Sheriff Forbes alive. Jo walks in to find his brother working on the Sheriff and now Damon has to explain her plan.

Damon tells Jo that the deed was done in order for Jo and Kai to merge that night, but if Liv dies then he won't be able too.

Things go wrong when Kai betrays Damon's somewhat trust and doesn't cure the Sheriff but makes it worst. Kai snaps Damon's neck in front of Jo who refuses to run from him.

Liv and Luke find their father outside and he says that he will think about what they asked. he tells them that they are in it together because they are family but immediately turns on them and begins merging the two.

Tyler shows up and attacks their father and Liv begs him to stop. Luke leaves and when Liv asks him where he is going, he tells her to trust him and that he will be back.

Kai drags Jo into completing the merge and threatens her if she tries to plan against him. She doesn't back down and tells him that she is going to destroy his life the way he destroyed hers. They begin the merge and Luke steps in to stop the merge.

Luke then challenges Kai to merge which he finds hilarious.

Kai says that it won't work because they aren't twins but Luke points out that they are from the same bloodline and the same age. Kai refuses but Luke forces the task and he looks pretty powerful.

Elena tries desperately to save the Sheriff and Damon walks in before rushing off to find a real doctor to help. The merge is still going on and when Jo wakes up she sees her brothers trying to complete the merge. She yells at Luke to stop but they continue he and Kai collapse.

When the doctors try to revive Sheriff Forbes she sees flashbacks of her daughter from the younger ages to present day and Caroline isn't there to see her mother pass. Damon compels the doctor out of the room and he and Elena have to deal with the realization that Forbes is gone.

Caroline and Stefan are too late and Caroline is completely torn apart. Just then, her mother awakens, Sheriff Forbes is alive!

Caroline makes the transition from completely sad to full of glee and Damon and Elena take advantage of the moment to start their love story all over again.

Caroline waits for her mom to wake up and when she does Caroline has to try to find the right words to say. She begins to apologize for everything that has gone on but the Sheriff forces her to forget everything that happened. Forbes put the house in Caroline's name a few weeks before all of the action went down but Caroline says she isn't quite ready for that yet. Stefan walks in to see the happy mother and daughter embracing each other.

Forbes asks her daughter to grab her a cup of coffee and she and Stefan have a chat. She asks Stefan to promise her that when she is gone he will help her move on with her life and make her smile.

She gets extremely emotional and Stefan makes the promise with Caroline hearing every word.

Jo tries to wake Luke up but he isn't coming around. Damon is shocked to find that Luke sacrificed himself and Jo is completely upset. She is torn apart and when Damon offers his blood she explains that whoever wakes up wins. Luke begins to come to but her father breaks the news that Luke is gone but Kai has won.

Liv is upset and Mr. Parker leaves his daughter in the hands of Tyler. Jo cries for Luke who fades after briefly opening his eyes. Kai has completed the merge and vanishes after gloating about it.

"The Vampire Diaries" proves once again why it's a show worth six seasons so far and a seventh on the way, the writers create situations that will get fans heart racing especially in tonight's episode.

Kai's threat doesn't seem to dwindle but the absence of Bonnie is really growing tiresome.

"The Vampires Diaries" takes another epic turn as it continues to pan out for this action packed sixth season but fans will have to tune in next week to see what The CW hit has in store.