'The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley & Chris Wood Have A Hilarious Bromance Brewing

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In the sixth season of "The Vampire Diaries" saw the introduction of Kai a character played by Christopher Wood, while he was a menacing threat in the show, it seems like he and Paul Wesley have a funny bromance building on social media.

You might say it all started with the photo above featuring Matt Davis who plays Alaric on "The Vampire Diaries." While Davis chose to wear his own TVD fan t-shirt, Wood and Wesley chose to swap shirts in the hilarious photo.

Not only are the shirts way too tight, however, Wood's says "perfection is my name" with a photo of Wesley, while Welsey's says "lost my boyfriend" with a photo of Wood.

It doesn't stop there, the off screen trio also engaged in a funny fight where they acted as if they were the stars of a Kung Fu film.

The 15 second video of Wesley, Wood and Davis fighting was captured by their co-star Kat Graham who plays Bonnie Bennett on "The Vampire Diaries." Yes, they are still sporting their t-shirts featuring each other's name with a lovey dovey caption.

@ernestoriley @christophrwood @paulvedere you're welcome.

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Then as if that wasn't enough, Wesley's girlfriend Phoebe Tonkin of CWTV's "The Originals" joined in on the fun with a photo of herself, Wesley and Wood. However, it's not the photo that shows off the bromance, it's Tonkin's caption.

"Paul and his two girlfriends @christophrwood @paulvedere," wrote Tonkin poking fun at the two and the shirts they wore a week prior to her post.

A photo posted by Phoebe Tonkin (@phoebejtonkin) on

Wesley and Wood have since went on to share some hilarious tweets about each other much to the fans enjoyment.

Whether it's wesley tweeting about Wood's muscles or Wood outright speaking about his bromance with Paul Wesley on Twitter, the two seem to be having a ton of fun together.

So are the fans digging the Christopher Wood and Paul Wesley bromance? Check out another shot of the two below.

There. Now Paul can stop whining.

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