'The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley Beats Steven R. McQueen & Tyler Posey In Hottest Biker Poll

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Last week Empty Lighthouse hosted a poll that pinned "The Vampire Diaries" Paul Wesley, Steven R. McQueen and "Teen Wolf's" Tyler Posey together to see who you all thought was the hottest biker and the results are in.

With 54 percent of the votes Paul Wesley beat out his co-star Steven R. McQueen and the leading star of MTV's "Teen Wolf," Tyler Posey.

McQueen came in second with 31 percent of the votes which Posey capture the remaining 15 percent.

The poll was promoted via social media and stemmed from the fact that all three stars are bike owners. Each one of these stars owns a motorcycle from the Triumph company and are often seen cruising around on them.

Meanwhile, Enstarz recently reported that Wesley's character Stefan Salvatore might be assuming more of heroic role next season.

"I'm really excited to see Stefan come into his own and he'll really take to the role of a hero, which will be really cool," producer Caroline Dries revealed in her Enstarz statement.

"He's always been a hero but I think in a broader sense he'll become more heroic next season."

The only time Stefan has really been the bad guy is when his humanity isn't intact. When he's all there, Stefan proves to be one of the most caring and selfless characters on the show, so it will be exciting for fans to see him become the hero they know and love.

There is also a possibility that this stems from Ian Somerhalder's character Damon becoming a bit emotionally damaged by the loss of his love Elena.

"The Vampire Diaries" will resume in the fall as CW TV's supernatural hit continues it's success into a seventh season.