'The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev, Kat Graham & Candice Accola's Tributes To Bonnie, Elena & Caroline

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The inevitable has happened. As most "Vampire Diaries" fans are already aware of, Nina Dobrev is saying goodbye to the show and moving on with her career.

However she, Candice Accola and Kat Graham have highlighted what it's like to carry a friendship long after the cameras stop rolling.

Over the past six years, "The Vampire Diaries" hosted one of the most inspiring trio of friends. There's a witch and two vampires who throughout all of the ups and downs stayed tight and always had each other's backs.

Now those three friends Bonnie, Elena and Caroline must separate and though it seems odd that it's all unfolding before the final season of the show, it doesn't take away from the heavy emotions involved.

Accola began the social media tributes by sharing a post of Dobrev, Graham and herself huddled together for a bestie photo-op. "To 2015 Season Six, life is such a crazy beautiful insane journey," wrote Accola in the caption of her photo. The photo shows the three friends in all smiles and that hasn't always been the case with their characters.

Caroline was out of the loop for much of the earlier episodes and saw a surge in her characters importance in seasons 4-6. Now when things are finally getting back to normal, Caroline is forced to say goodbye to Elena.

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The tributes continued with Grahams Instagram post capturing the essence of Bonnie and Elena's friendship. Graham's caption read, "Coping.

The truth behind acting...is truth.

Thank You @chrisgrismer for this pic." Essentially what she is trying to say is there is deep truth to the friendship that Bonnie and Elena have, so true in fact that extends off screen.

The bonds that were created between Bonnie and Elena has driven them to trust each other no matter what.

Coping. The truth behind acting... Is truth. Thank you @chrisgrismer for this pic.

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The final emotional post came from Dobrev as she uses the same photo as Accola. The message however, was much longer and an admittance of her emotional state.

"Ok. Officially a mess. No hiding it anymore," wrote Dobrev. "Today has been a day filled with farewells.. I still have 2 more days of shooting before I wrap TVD. But it's officially a wrap on Caroline&Elena&Bonnie. Finished filming with these two beautiful, funny, sweet, sassy, amazingly talented and lovely ladies.... @candiceaccola @katgrahampics. Love you with all my heart and soul forever and always... #TVDFamily."

Dobrev has had the pleasure of playing a character with dilemma after dilemma but one thing always stayed constant, that's the friendship shared by Bonnie, Elena and Caroline.

Fans can catch the beginning of the end of Dobrev's run on "The Vampire Diaries" tonight at 8 PM on The CW.