'The Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham Posts Ian Somerhalder Directed Script

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A month back Ian Somerhalder posted the script for "The Downward Spiral" episode of "The Vampire Diaries" of which he will be directing, now the script has resurfaced, this time on Kat Graham's Instagram account.

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The episode should be episode 16 of season six of "The Vampire Diaries" according to episode list on IMDB.

Somerhalder expressed his excitement and sense of honor on Instagram last month when the script first surfaced saying, "This is pretty cool too...

Who is directing the next episode?On set with him right now;) Thank you to all involved in the decision-making process for giving me the opportunity to do this-I am so grateful.

I'll do my very verry very best not to screw it up."

The bond between Damon and Bonnie in season six is at an all time high and the importance of Somerhalder directing one of the episodes should be crucial in the way it all plays out. Of course, there is still the mid-season premiere this Thursday that fans are getting excited for as time draws nearer.

The show hasn't been too kind to Bonnie Bennett as she always seems to have to make the biggest sacrifices among the friends but if Kai can be stopped then maybe that all changes.

"The Vampire Diaries" mid-season premiere is set for Thursday January 22, at 8 PM EST on The CW. Fans will need to tune in to see if Bonnie makes her way back to the present day and out of Kai's prison.