The Vampire Diaries 'I'll Remember,' S6 EP1, Recap, New Love Stories Rock Mystic Falls

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Last season "The Vampire Diaries" shook things up as Damon got trapped on the other side, in the season six opener, "I'll Remember," a struggling Elena tries to start her sophomore year.

Elena (Nina Dobrev) returns to Whitmore College for her sophomore and she is struggling to find a way without her seemingly lost love Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

Caroline (Candice Accola) remains in her frantic jittery personality as she scrambles to reverse the anti-magic spell from the Travelers.

The season opener begins as two youngsters in the heat of the moment in the woods are interrupted by a strange noise. The both head out to see what is wrong and are confronted by Sheriff Forbes.

Just as they are about to leave things take a horrifying turn as they are attacked by a female vampire. Who is this mysterious new vampire wreaking havoc?

Elena is struggling with her studies as she recounts everything that has happened since the season closer. She is receiving a little help from Alaric (Matthew Davis), who is back from the dead, and oh yeah, he's a vampire.

It looks like Elena may have a secret admire as she goofs on an answer in her attempt to become a doctor. Her sophomore year has been spent studying and trying to bring everyone back.

Caroline has dropped out of Whitmore College and despite Elena and Tyler's (Michael Trevino) attempts to get her back. Caroline is also very reluctant to start over and as she spends time with her mom to try to fill the void of Bonnie (Kat Graham).

Meanwhile, it looks like Elena's been conjuring up a little Damon. In the strange intro Damon and Elena are somehow able to talk to each other even with him on the other side.

Matt (Zach Roerig) and Jeremy remain close and Matt works on becoming stronger for his friends so he doesn't become a weakness.

Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) looks to be moving on in his own way as he makes out with a random girl on the couch which will make things a little sticky if Bonnie ver finds her way back.

Alaric is now a professor at Whitmore and as he tries to teach the class he is interrupted by Liv, who failed to hold up her end of the bargain trapping Bonnie and Damon. Tyler comes in late and it appears that he and the witch are an item.

Elena is too wound up in the herbal blood that Luke conjured up for her and it seems to be having some side effects.

Alaric scolds her telepathically as she was making his appetite open up with her constant slurping of the bloody drug.

A guilty and motivated Stefan is on the search for new leads, but it doesn't look like he and his employer is getting along after being docked $200 on his paycheck.

Caroline and Alaric are now a team as she has become an avid reader of ancient witchcraft in order to find a way to fix things.

Caroline is concerned about Stefan because she hasn't heard of him in months and Alaric says maybe he doesn't want to bother him with all of his struggles.

Jeremy and Matt aren't getting along as Matt and Elena try to convince him to get out of the mode he is in and start helping.

Elena appears to have an addiction to Luke's concoction and threatens him for more after he refuses to be a "drug pusher." At this point there is still no word on what happened to the two kids in the woods and whether or not Caroline's mom is up to something.

Elena and her hallucination of Damon have a casual conversation in the car. Damon is constantly playin the devils advocate for her trying to get her to side with Luke.

Elena says that the conversation is between Elena and drug addict Elena.

Tyler runs into Alaric at a party and Alaric warns him to control himself so he doesn't trigger his werewolf curse. Tyler and Liv are indeed an item but Alaric tells him that she isn't into him.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) is keeping himself occupied with Ivy (Emily Chang), a new character who has been keeping Stefan company for two months. She wants to play a game with Stefan where they figure out what's going on with each other.

He tells her that he's a vampire and she calls him annoying but he saves the moment with a kiss and the two are back in arms. What does this mean for Caroline?

Alaric finds the budding doctor who works at the medicine center. He is very nervous when she asks him to drink from his flask and he loses his game, He makes a phone call to someone asking them where they are because he needs them.

Elena helps a stranded girl, well attacks is more the word, and the Damon in her head tries to stop her.

Caroline catches up with her and exclaims "Oh My God," and the victim is able to escaped into the barrier blocking Elena from pursuing her.

The victim runs in fear screaming for help. Caroline tells Elena that she is the border lurker that her mom has been looking for. Caroline is in shock as Elena reveals she has been hallucinating Damon and finally opens up and shows her emotions.

Elena checks Caroline in her way of being frantic and trying to get through it.

Caroline instructs her to go hide so that she can fix what has been done. Elena gets back into the car and asks herself and Damon, "what am i doing?"

The victim gives a statement in her injured state and Matt tries to spin it so that Elena doesn't get into trouble not knowing what she did. Tripp (Colin Ferguson) tries to get to the bottom of what is going on, but the Sheriff sends him away. Elena calls Stefan and ugres him to hurry and find a way to bring Damon and Bonnie back.

He tells her he is not close and she asks him how he copes and begs from hope, because she says she can't live without her. Stefan told her that he gave up trying to look for Damon and said goodbye.

He says he moves on and Damon is gone all while urging her to move on.

Things are a complete mess in the season opener. Stefan has never been one to give up on his brother especially since Damon always has his back. Is he just trying to help Elena move on?

As night falls the football game starts and Caroline tells Tyler about Elena's problem.

She tells him that Elena is a mess and that Luke needs to stop playing witchdoctor, to which he replies he will deal with it.

Matt tells Sarah the victim that he is trying to protect her after she tries to escape him and just when she tries to run again, Caroline shows up.

Tyler approaches Luke about what he has been doing to Elena and Alaric steps in before Tyler loses control while his arms are around Luke's neck and taps into his werewolf side. Elena battles with her current state and she speaks to Damon.

He asks her why she doesn't just move on and she replies she never got to thank her for giving her everything she's ever wanted.

She wanted them to last forever but it looks like it will be the last time she see him as she says goodbye to her love.

Wait, no she didn't, she is still holding on and Damon gets into her head and becomes antagonizing. Elena breaks down and finally accepts that he is gone. This entire ordeal is confusing as fans will not know what to think.

Is she over or is she still hanging on? Liv appraoches Tyler about getting out of control and threatening her brother. They argue about how many people were lost that day and she tells him that a lot of people survived.

She also asks him to say sorry to her brother and he tells her that he lost all of his powers and all he has is rage.

There is some kind of tension between the two that is becoming the enigma of the show.

Caroline tries calling Stefan and gets the voicemail. She tells him that everyone has drifted apart and that they all think they can cope alone. She says that Elena is gone and has become a different person.

She becomes the narrator highlighting the fact that no one is doing anything about what is going on.

She sounds hopeless and she just wants to get her home back. Her call is a plea to him to come back and Stefan now looks like he has to become a hero but is struggling on his own.

Elena and Alaric try to have a sort of father-daughter talk and she asks him about the bloodlust. She doesn't know how he is coping with it all.

He says he hates everything about being a vampire but she assures him that there are some good parts, but there is no such thing is moving on.

She begs him to compel her to forget Damon and compel her to forget she ever loved him.

Damon is making pancakes? Yes he is making pancakes for him and Bonnie on the other side and it looks like they are living the life.

This episode is full of new romances and crazy twists in the entire plot.

Things have changed completely will they ever get back to normal? Fans can find out on next weeks all new episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Thursday at 8 p.m. on The CW.